Using Adapter Video Converter to Minimize File Sizes Adapter

Using Adapter Video Converter to Minimize File Sizes Adapter
Using Adapter Video Converter to Minimize File Sizes
Adapter Video Converter is a free software program with the capability to convert many various
types of video files into a more manageable size. When using Adapter, the video file that is going to be
converted must be located on your computer (not on a mobile device). If the video was not created on
your computer, please make sure the video file is transferred on to your computer before proceeding.
Use this tool to scale down a LiveText video only if the file is above 1 GB in size. Otherwise, please
proceed to Step Three - Uploading Video Files to LiveText.
Download Software
To download the software, go to and click the blue download
button. See Figure 1.
Figure 1
Next, you will be prompted to “Run” the program. Click “Run” so that the software will install to your
computer. Go through the install wizard until the program is installed. See Figure 2.
Figure 2
NOTE: You may be prompted to download FFMpeg and VLC Media Player so that the program performs
its intended functions. If asked, check the box saying you wish to download those applications as well. If
these applications are already present on the computer, Adapter will not ask you to download them.
Using Adapter Program
Once Adapter is installed, open the program and you should see the following screen. Use the “browse”
button to find the video file you want to convert or simply drag it into the “drag files here” box. See Figure
Figure 3
Note: You can convert multiple files of video. Adding more files will increase conversion time. You may
see an error when you load your file into Adapter. There is nothing wrong with the file. You must complete
the next step and choose how you want your file to be converted.
Once you have a file selected, choose how you want to convert your file from the drop down menu on the
bottom of the page. It is best to convert your video to the .mp4 format. Click the drop down menu on the
bottom of the page, select video, select general and then choose Custom mp4. See Figure 4.
This is the “Quality”
This shows the file(s)
that you converting.
Figure 4
You can use the scroll down bar on the right side of the window to navigate the customizing menus. (ie:
Resolution, Audio,Trimming) To reduce the file size of your video, simply click on the drop down menu for
“Quality” in the Resolution section and select a lower quality.
General Advice: Most users will not change the default settings already in place, except for the quality
Warning: Each selection can effect the rate of conversion and how big the converted file may be.
Remember, if you are prepping a video file for uploading to Live Text, the file size limit is 1GB. See
Figure 5.
Can be useful for
removing unnecessary
video from the end
and/or beginning.
Figure 5
Once you have selected the settings you want your video converted to, you can choose an “Output
Directory” (place to save the file) using the directory menu (red arrow). Click on the Output directory drop
down menu and choose where you would like to save the converted file. See Figure 6 (below).
Use to rename
new file.
Figure 6
Use the “browse” button to find a location to save the file after you choose “Custom Directory”.
Once you have selcted an output directory, simply click the green convert button (green arrow) and
Adapter will convert your video. See Figure 6 (above).
What’s Next?
Refer to the “Step Three” link that covers loading your saved video file into LiveText through the D2L
online course system (Desire2Learn). Step Three - Uploading Video Files to LiveText
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