Drive replacement for systems using Valitek tape drives

Drive replacement for systems using Valitek tape drives
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Drive replacement for systems
using Valitek tape drives
Process control systems such as -WFL Gmbh Machines, Index Gmbh
Machines or Hembrug Machines (or any system using the Siemens
840C controller) use a long obsolete tape drive made by Valitek.
Avax now offers a solution to upgrade Valitek drive units to use
Compact Flash cards, instead of tape cassettes. Now you can make
your critical backups using the most bulletproof memory storage
media currently available. Eliminate the hassle and unreliability of
using cassette tapes.
The Avax-Valitek drive replaces the original tape drive in the Valitek
enclosure and supports all the functions of the previous drive in a
unit that has no moving parts.
A Virtual Tape Drive Emulation using
Compact Flash cards
Directly replaces Valitek tape drives
Zero tape positioning times – useful for
quick file positioning when reading the
Removable media can be treated as a
single tape media
+5V only (standard Molex
Flash disks provide very rugged media.
Eliminates problems of slow backups shoeshining the tape drive, which eventually
leads to failures.
5.25” tray mount.
Simple Plug & Play installation
A small, lightweight alternative to a real
tape drive.
The 5.25" form factor unit can be mounted
in the existing Valitek chassis.
LVD/SE - 50 pin SCSI compatible
with the existing cables.
Disk & tape Capacity:
defined by the Compact Flash
(CF) card -- typically 2GB each
Transfer Rate:
10 Mbytes/sec (burst)
Available from:
PO Box 542
Hillsburgh, Ontario N0B 1T0 Canada
Tel: (647) 367-1039 or (877) 401-1892
Fax: (647) 438-2242
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