Testing the system Adding / Moving Components or Re

Testing the system Adding / Moving Components or Re
Top edge of Mounting plate
Radio Linked
Deaf Alert for
Fire and CO
Detection and
3) Locate a mains power socket near to the point
of use of the FH700HIA Deaf Alert Control Centre
and plug in the power supply
Model: FH700HIA
Description and Operation
Pad 1
The Firehawk FH700HIA Deaf Alert System comes
with a Central Control Unit with built in highintensity flashing beacon, a Plug in Power Supply/
charger and a Vibrating Pillow Pad. It is linked by
radio signal to one or more permanently fixed
FHB10W smoke alarms, FHH10W heat alarms or
CO7B-10yW Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
5v DC
Pad 2
Learn Button
4) Turn on the power switch of the radio base
shown below.
Radio-linked to smoke, heat or CO alarms for
early warning of a developing fire or carbon monoxide hazard via the vibrating pad and flashing
SuperSafe Radio Technology to enable fast and
easy pairing and installation
Rechargeable battery allowing at least one month
of use in standby before recharging.
High intensity Flashing Beacon.
Vibrating Pad with three metres of cable
Test facility to check all parts of the system at
Low battery warning
Control Centre
Access Panel to
learn button
Control Centre
Power Switch
alarm and the pad should operate. Repeat the
process on the smoke alarm; the alarm should
sound followed by flashes from the strobe and
vibrations from the pad.
10) Refit the cover and control centre stand.
The FH700HIA Deaf alert system is now ready for
Green Power LED. This will flash once a minute in
standby and once a second during the learning
Yellow Fault LED will flash once a minute if there
is a fault in radio transmission, pad connection or a
low battery.
Red Fire Alarm LED will flash during an alarm
Red CO Alarm LED will flash during the learning
process and CO alarm condition.
Adding / Moving Components or
If it becomes necessary to move a smoke alarm or
the control centre further away from its original
learned location The System MUST be re-learned.
If it becomes necessary to add a second Vibrating
Pad or further Smoke Alarms proceed as follows:1. Power the system down by turning off the power switch of all Radio Pattresses and removing the
power plug from the control centre. Turn back on
after five seconds
2. Re-learn the system as in 6) above.
3. If the learning process repeatedly fails call the
helpline on 0800 008 6568.
Using the system
Smoke Alarm
General Guidance on use.
The location and type of equipment should be
carefully chosen to ensure it is suitable for the
5) Choose the location of the smoke alarm in acindividual being protected. Full guidance on this
cordance with the instructions and guidance in its
can be found in BS 5839-6 section 14. In brief, the
separate handbook and move it to that location.
vibrating pad is for use under the pillow or
Do not fit permanently to the ceiling until all parts mattress, laid flat and as close to the individual as
of the system have been learned and tested to
possible. WARNING -DO NOT place the vibrating
ensure there are no obstructions to the radio link. pad within 15cm /6 inches of any heart pacemak6) Ensure all parts of the system are connected
er. The strobe light is for alerting people who are
Green Power LED and turned on. Press the Learn Button once on all
awake and should be positioned so it can be clearly
Smoke Alarm radio boards and the Control Centre seen.
Yellow Fault LED
and wait for the red LEDs to start flashing. Now
Do not change any components of the system for
Red Fire LED
wait for the red/green LEDs on all learning units to those made by other manufacturers. Up to 14
stop flashing fast and start flashing green once a
alarms may be paired to the system.
minute. This should take around four minutes. The
system has now learned
Test Button
7) Attach the Radio Bases to the ceiling.
8) Connect the smoke alarms to the connector
Power supply
FireHawk guarantees to you, as a purchaser, that the enclosed Deaf
Alert will be free from defects in material, workmanship or design
shown here.
Place the Control Centre where the beacon can be
seen and place the vibrating pad in the most suitable position (see “Using The System”).
Prepare the Smoke Alarm and Radio Base as follows:1. Remove the control centre stand (if fitted) by
lifting the Control Centre upwards from the stand.
2) Remove the screw of the access panel and the
Panel itself. Pass the Power and Pad wires through
the back of the stand and Control Centre. Connect
the wires from Pad 1 (and Pad 2 if two are being
used) to the sockets (Pad 1 and Pad 2) and the
power wire to the 5 Vdc socket.
Note: If you prefer to mount the control Centre on the
wall, use the mounting plate (shown below) and attach it
to your chosen position on the wall with suitable fixing
screws. Slide the Control Centre down onto the plate to
locate it. Remove the cut-out in the bottom of the access
panel . Connect the Pad wires to Pad 1 (and 2 if fitted)
socket and the power wire to the 5 VDC socket.
Learn Button
9) Attach the Smoke
Alarm to the Radio base
by lining up the two arrows as shown here—
close the Alarms onto
theier Radio Bases and
turn the alarms clockwise to lock them into place.
This action automatically turns the smoke alarms
Testing the system
Press the test button on the control centre. The
four LEDs should flash one after another followed
by flashes from the beacon and beeps from the
under normal use and service for a period of 10 years. This Guarantee is not assignable. Our liability to you, under this guarantee is
limited to repairing or replacing any part which we find to be
defective in material, workmanship or design, free of charge to the
customer, upon sending the product with proof of date of purchase,
postage paid to FireHawk, Units 15/17 Manford Industrial Estate,
Manor Road, Erith, Kent DA8 2AJ UK. The terms of this guarantee
will not apply in the following circumstances: If the product has
been modified, dismantled, contaminated, damaged, neglected or
otherwise abused or altered following the date of purchase, or if it
fails to operate due to incorrect siting, installation, maintenance,
inadequate or over voltage electrical power, or damage caused by
failure to abide by the instructions supplied no claim under the
guarantee will be entertained. The liability of FireHawk arising from
the sale of this product or under the terms of this guarantee shall
not in any case exceed the cost of replacement of the product. In no
case, shall FireHawk be liable for consequential loss or damage
resulting from the failure of the device or the breach of this or any
other guarantee, express or implied or for damage caused by failure
to abide by the instructions supplied. This guarantee does not affect
your statutory rights.
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