Benefits over Adobe Photoshop

Benefits over Adobe Photoshop
Top 10 Reasons
why you should be using
rather than
Adobe PhotoShop™
It’s all about the workflow. Adobe PhotoShop
is a very useful, feature rich desktop design program. The reality however, is that by
its very nature it is limited to including design-only tools that are generally best suited for small format graphics creation only. Unlike SignLab, which
includes an abundance of design and production tools specific to creation of signage and other large format display graphics, PhotoShop™ simply
cannot get you from project start to finish nearly as quickly and efficiently as SignLab. Here’s just a few major reasons why.
Apply contour cut lines to bitmap and vector
objects directly in your design application.
SignLab includes 100’s of cutter drivers and
allows you to apply cut lines directly to bitmap
and vector graphics instantly! Avoid complicated
work-arounds or having to buy separate cutting
applications when using PhotoShop™.
Complete bitmap and vector design application.
All the drawing tools you need for vector or bitmap
designs. PhotoShop™ is a photo bitmap editing
application only and you will need to buy and learn
yet another software package for vector design/
editing tools.
Built-in RIP software with support for all the
most widely used large format digital printers
(SignLab Print and Cut only). High fidelity color
printing can be achieved directly from SignLab. Yet
again with PhotoShop™, a separate application is
required in order to send jobs for output resulting
in added costs, increased learning curve and less
streamlined workflow.
Manufacturer vinyl and color palettes included.
Customizable, dockable palettes from commonly
used media manufacturers are included so that
color matching is made quick and easy. Since
PhotoShop™ is not a “production-type” software
package, “as close as you can get” is the rule.
InstantReplay™. Simply drag and drop special
effects, shadows, colors, outlines and many other
design elements from one object directly onto
another and watch them be instantly applied.
An enormous time saver from having to try and
recreate them from scratch for each object.
Intuitive shape and block nesting. Cut objects
and print objects are automatically nested onto
media using an advanced algorithm. The media
savings you are able to achieve alone are reason
enough to be using SignLab instead of a desktop
design application.
PowerWeed™. A favorite feature that is used
multiple times per day by shops creating vinyl cut
signage. Automatic and easily adjustable cut lines
in and around text and graphics no matter how
detailed provides a fast way in which to weed vinyl
signage. Only found in SignLab.
Automatic “badge” creation with variable data
and serialization. Instantly create badges, door
plates, name tags, ID cards, signs that use identical
layouts but include different content and other
similar types of production with a simple content
replacement process. Saves hours by not having to
achieve the same result using a manual method in
a desktop design application.
Multiple plug-in support. “Send to” plug-in’s
installed into other desktop applications for
simplified transfer of graphics files. Streamlines
workflow when working with design elements
created in other applications and reduces
possibility of unwanted changes to files by having
to use “export/import” functions.
Advanced text layout features specific to
unique production workflows. SignLab includes
text composition tools that address unique
production features that a desktop design
application simply does not. Features such as
automated compressions to sign blank and others
simplify what could otherwise be tedious, laborintensive processes.
Faster | Easier | More Powerful
For even more reasons why you should be using a
dedicated signmaking, large format graphics design and
production application, please visit the CADlink website.
It’s more than just about the software
Industry-leading FREE technical support.
Online training video’s.
Recognized for unmatched after sales support,
SignLab customers receive FREE time limited
technical support when they need it most.
Hundreds of feature video’s available and constantly
being updated in order to provide 24/7 training
resources to SignLab customers.
Remote workstation access.
Live online training webinars.
Built-in online trouble-shooting software access allows
our support specialists to quickly diagnose and fix
any issues you may be experiencing.
Weekly 90 minute group webinars provide product
overviews and answers to product questions.
Local reseller support.
Customer website forum.
SignLab’s worldwide reseller channel provides
professional, experienced after sales support in
languages you’re comfortable with.
The CADlink website includes a user forum where
ideas, tips and tricks are regularly exchanged by the
SignLab worldwide user group.
CADlink. The software specialists.
CADlink develops software products for many other design and production solution requirements
your business may presently have. Why use a variety of incompatible, uniquely developed software
products when you can support different output processes using compatible software packages that
all have the same look and feel, tool bars, and feature menus? Streamline the design and production
in your shop and save time and money doing so.
Benefits of
using CADlink
products for
all of your
CADlink also provides software solutions for the following markets:
Digital printing
RIP software, providing
high fidelity color
reproduction for virtually
all wide format digital
printers available today.
Direct to garment
Complete direct to
garment production,
color management
Laser and rotary
engraving software.
Screen printing
Inkjet film positive RIP
software for
screen printers.
CNC machining
CNC machining
software for 2D and 3D
Custom software
CADlink provides
custom software
development services
to turn-key solutions
providers worldwide.
Learn one, use many.
Similar easy to use design
across all CADlink products
lessens training time.
Save costs.
CADlink products qualify for site
license pricing across all brands.
After sales-support.
Deal with a single software
provider recognized for
world-class software support.
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