Youtube User Guide

Youtube User Guide
Youtube User Guide
Welcome to Fetch
Welcome to the YouTube app on Fetch
Open the YouTube app
Search YouTube
Best of YouTube
Play a video
Sign In to YouTube
Pair your mobile
Close the YouTube app
1 Welcome to the YouTube
app on Fetch
The YouTube app lets you use YouTube on your TV, to:
Browse and play YouTube videos
Sign in to get access to your favorites and your other playlists
The YouTube app is not
currently available on the
Fetch Mini or Mighty box.
Pair a mobile device to do searches using your mobile or tablet
Before you start
You’ll need a YouTube account for accessing favorites and playlists, and a Google account for
signing in (see Page 10).
2 Open the YouTube app
To open YouTube on your Fetch box, press
on your Fetch remote to bring up the main
2. Select YouTube from the Apps menu and press
3. If you get an Internet quota message, press
to continue. To hide this message in future,
4. Now start discovering content on YouTube directly from your TV!
What you can do from the YouTube menu
Search for content on YouTube using your Fetch remote
Browse featured videos on YouTube
Best of YouTube
Browse featured channels on YouTube
Sign in
Sign in to your YouTube account to access your Library and Subscriptions (Page 10).
Pair a mobile device to browse from your mobile or tablet (Page 11).
3 Home
Browse featured and trending videos on YouTube.
1. Press
2. Press
on your Fetch remote to browse to a video.
to play (see Page 9).
4 Search YouTube
You can search YouTube from your TV or from a paired mobile or
tablet (Page 11).
Search on your TV
On your Fetch box, open the YouTube app.
3. Use your Fetch remote to type in a search term.
4. Select a video to watch.
5 Best of YouTube
YouTube automatically sorts the most popular and highest quality content
into channels so you get to enjoy the best YouTube has to offer.
on your Fetch remote to browse to a channel.
2. When you find the channel you want, press
3. Select a video and press
Or press
to play (see Page 9).
to go back and choose another channel.
6 Play a video
1. When playing a video, press
to bring up the Player menu.
2. Use the options in the menu to skip to the next video, pause/play, flag inappropriate
content, and more.
3. Press
4. Press
for info.
to browse to an option and press
to select.
Add to Playlist
If you are signed into your YouTube account (see Page 10) you can add a video to one of
your own Playlists.
1. While playing a video, view the video info and select
2. To view your Playlists, select Library from the menu.
7 Sign In to YouTube
Sign in to your YouTube account to access your Playlists, Favorites, and
1. On your TV, select Sign In to display an activation code.
2. On your computer or mobile device, open your web browser and go to the URL
3. If prompted, sign into your Google account. Then follow the on screen prompts to
enter the activation code, and make sure to select Allow Access.
4. Once signed in, select Library to play your favorites and playlists or Subscriptions
to find your subscribed YouTube channels.
Signing out of your YouTube account
To sign out of YouTube on your TV, select Account, then Sign out.
8 Pair your mobile
Pair a mobile device to browse for YouTube content directly from your
mobile or tablet and then play it on your TV.
On your TV, select Settings, then Pair to display a pairing code.
2. On your mobile device’s web browser, go to the URL
3. Type in the pairing code displayed on your TV. Select Add.
4. You can now search for a video on YouTube through the YouTube website on your
mobile device, and play on your TV (see Page 9).
Unpair your mobile
To unpair your mobile or tablet from YouTube on Fetch, select Settings, then Pair.
2.Select Clear Paired Devices.
9 Close the YouTube app
To close YouTube on Fetch, press
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Version: March 2017
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