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airportvision 7 - Com
Com-Net Software continues its tradition of being a leader in delivering flight information and
content management systems within the air transportation industry. AirportVision 7 (APV7),
formerly ECLIPSX, is now available with many powerful and new enhancements, offering the
most unified integration yet between Com-Net Software’s audible and visual communication
systems, as well as, airport operations systems. To see a product demonstration or to request
an upgrade, visit
New multi-airport support lowers operational costs and improves the
passenger experience
Redesigned display engine improves display aesthetics and strengthens the airport’s
and airlines’ brands
Enhanced digital signage and Content Management System elevates user control and
drives revenue through advertising and promotion of airport amenities
Simplified passenger flow management tools reduce passenger stress and expedite
passenger processing time
Optimized multi-lingual user interface improves staff efficiency and comfort
APV7 is the first flight information display system developed which allows airport, airport
authorities, and other airport management groups to manage multiple airports from one
centralized location. The centralized data set will improve data accuracy across the entire
enterprise by connecting physical aircraft to flight numbers. The resulting data is more reliable
and provides a single source of flight information for the enterprise, including information
displays, public website, mobile alerts and local public address systems. And, true to its heritage
of flexibility, the architecture can vary to leverage APV7’s inherent redundancy with the
enterprise’s budget.
The display engine in AirportVision 7 has been redeveloped using Microsoft’s Windows
Presentation Foundation (WPF) which significantly improves graphics performance and
reliability. This ensures the professional appearance of all digital signage and compliance with
brand standards for both the airport and airlines. Streamlined use of scrolling graphics and
cross-fades (code shares) are considerably smoother. In addition, inherent monitoring within the
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display engine allows for optimal uptime, virtually eliminates lock-ups and allows remote access
and virtual help from the Com-Net Software technical call center, which operates 24/7, 365 days
a year.
There are many Content Management Systems (CMS) available in the audio-visual market
today, but only one has the flexibility and openness of a traditional CMS and feature set
designed specifically for the air transportation industry. MediaManager features enhanced
targeted content display which can put up specific content, such as promotional offer for
delayed passengers, based upon a flight status, destination/origination city, baggage claim or
gate number.
APV7’s MediaManager features several new capabilities to help operations personnel
effectively manage queues and improve passenger flow at all choke points in the airport
including check-in, security, boarding gates, and customs, among others.
CHECK-IN COUNTER MANAGEMENT capability allows airline’s to quickly activate check-in
position displays and update its graphics and messages through the APV7 user interface or
automated through an interface with most common use providers.
QUEUE INFORMATION DISPLAY MANAGEMENT allows personnel to select a display and
update its graphical content or add canned/free text messages, in multiple languages, which
improving clarity and passenger flow at security checkpoints or in customs.
GATE COUNTER MANAGEMENT allows airlines to predefine visual boarding messages by
group, row, zone, etc., and handling agents to easily advance from one message the next which
gives agents more time to provide important customer service functions.
A growing trend is the use of large format video walls to present information larger than life.
APV7’s VIDEO WALL MANAGER makes it easy to design, schedule and manage multiple
playlists and related content, across one, or a matrix of flat panel displays.
Com-Net Software’s engineers remain committed to releasing products that not only look and
sound great in the field, but a user experience that is familiar, intuitive and easy to use. The
Web Based User and Administrative Client, has been completely reengineered to cut in half,
load time and data commitment, which improves productivity and informs passengers faster.
To support its growth globally, all APV7 products, including the User and Administrative Client,
MediaManager, AirportVision Monitor, and AirportVision Design are now available in almost any
language, which further enhances the user experience: another industry first from Com-Net
©2016 Com-Net Software, a SITA company
ECLIPSX branded AirportVision
Support for multiple airport sites
More consistent look and feel throughout the application
Reengineered to improve startup, screen loads and commitment of data to database
Added native support for multiple flights with the same flight number on the same day
ACTUAL TIME is now known ESTIMATED TIME. ACTUAL TIME (for takeoffs and
landings) is now an optional field in a flight record
Native support for alphanumeric flight numbers
Database now versioned for easier upgrade paths
AirportIntegrator (formerly Connect) interface support for multiple airport sites
Support for sending a single message at a time, to any interface
Support for sending full flight information on outbound updates, to any interface
Enhanced search criteria on queries
New Connect Helper application allows easy access to log files
New display technology (WPF) allows hardware-accelerated graphics
Server Manager allows for remote deployment of software updates to the DDC
DDC licensed now requires a registration key
Video content runs in an isolated process for improved efficiency
Scrolling/rotating panels integrated with AirportVoice Visual Messaging
Improved scrolling performance
AirportVision Design (formerly ECLIPSX Design) supports multiple airport sites
Login/splash screen requires selection of airport site
AirportVision Design XML editor uses color coding, formatting and coding support
Allows user to make temporary changes to the DOM to test different data scenarios
New user interface icons
Added Template Name to the title bar
More user-friendly dialog boxes
Added ability to update all date/times in DOM to reflect the current time
Added Preview button on the Template Editor window
Added a “refresh data on preview” option
Added ability to save and load XML to and from files from XML editor windows
Updated Weather feed from NOAA
©2016 Com-Net Software, a SITA company
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