Web Cam Instructions: (Last Updated 17/Jan/2017 TR) The web

Web Cam Instructions: (Last Updated 17/Jan/2017 TR) The web
Web Cam Instructions:
(Last Updated 17/Jan/2017 TR)
The web camera is a useful tool meant for club members to view current weather
conditions, boats, parking, and other activities. Due to worldwide technology
changes some members have again been experiencing issues connecting to the
club cameras. Below I have revised some of the details that should hopefully
help you reconnect. If all else fails feel free to email me at
The Web Cam Url/Address is:
Save the url in your favourites or navigate there via:
vernonyachtclub.com 3 Weather Tab 3 Web Cam
For security reasons:
• a valid Username and Password are required to use the camera which
you can obtain from the Office during regular office hours.
• user remote control has been disabled to ensure the camera is always in
Understand that the Camera only allows a maximum of 6 user connections at
any one time. So PLEASE do not connect to the Webcam and just leave it
connected forever. The intent is for members to view the webcam and then
disconnect from it so other members can also use it.
Understand also that in order to use the webcam you may need to install some
additional programs on your computer or smart phone. Your Internet Browser
must be JAVA compliant and enabled 3 the very first time you connect to the
camera address the camera will attempt to load some addin software which is
only compatible with Microsoft’s 32 bit version of Internet Explorer. For those not
using Microsoft’s IE (Internet Explorer) this will require further software
downloads and installation of an IE Tab simulator/emulator/addin (detailed links
listed below)
Connection Details:
1) The webcam process requires a Microsoft Internet Explorer 32 bit Add-in
which is automatically loaded the first time you attempt to connect to the
• If you are using Firefox, Chrome or Browsers other then IE, then
you will need to download and install an IE emulator
• Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/emptytitle/hehijbfgiekmjfkfjpbkbammjbdenadd
• Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ie-tab-2-ff36/?src=search
• Otherwise: do a search for: IE TAB and <OS> or <Browser>
2) If you are a Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista user, you will need to ensure you
are explicitly running a 32 bit version of Internet Explorer (IE). If you aren’t sure
which version you are using, look at the IE Help About. IE 64 bit is not supported
by the camera software (Confirmed that 32 bit versions of IE 7, 8 and 9) work fine
3) IE 10 and 11 no longer have a native 32 bit version, they default to 64 bit
mode at start up 3 if you still have a PC running IE 10 or 11 then you will have to
force them in to 32 bit mode for the camera’s website 3 this is done after going
to the screen with the Web Cam Connection Button and pressing F12 3 a new
window will open, select Browser Mode, followed by Compatibility Mode
4) MAC Users. MAC did at one point provide a version of Microsoft’s Internet
Explorer Browser 3 this is no longer the case and unfortunately the IE tab
addins will also not work on a MAC for Chrome or Firefox. There is however
supposedly another solution: download/install/run a MAC version of netvu
5) Smart Phones for both Android and IPhone have an APP called NetVu Free
6) Windows 10 users will most likely have to use a Chrome or Firefox with the IE
TAB addin installed 3 Windows 10 no longer provides IE as a browser and I
haven’t had a chance to test the Browser supplied with Windows 10 3 if
members with Win 10 have successfully connected with the supplied browser
please share the details with us
Confirmed Connections:
I have successfully confirmed that the Web Cam can be viewed using the following
devices and software (all connections were made from a Telus Domain) Note: as the Web
Cam is hosted from Shaw, my testing should be a worst case scenario … in other words,
Connecting from Shaw should be little or no issue.
- Smart Phone IPhone NetVu (Install NetVu Free from the APP Store)
- Smart Phone Android NetVu (Install NetVu Free from the App Store)
- IE (32 bit) versions 7, 8, and 9
- IE versions 10 and 11 (in Compatibility Mode)... Microsoft has done away with the
separate 32 and 64 bit variants in versions 10 and 11 ... I attempted to run NetVu but it
returns nothing, this is apparently due to IE 10 and 11 defaulting to 64 bit mode ... to
force it to use 32 bit mode, go to the Screen that displays the Camera Connection button,
then press F12, drop down the Browser Mode tab and select Compatibility mode, close
the window and viola you now have Web Cam in IE 10 or 11.
- Latest version of Google Chrome (with IE Tab installed)
The key to this working is to select the IE icon located on the Chrome Title bar when
you are on the page that shows the Web Cam Connection Button
- Latest version of FireFox (with IE Tab v2 installed … the latest version of FireFox
refuses to run the older version of IE Tab so be certain to install version 2)
The key to this working is to add the web cam url listed above to the IE Tab Options list
found under the Tools menu
Still un-confirmed:
- MAC NetVu
- Unix NetVu (Linux, Ubuntu, etc)
- Windows 10 generic Browser
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