sport hawke`s bay green prescription maternal programme

sport hawke`s bay green prescription maternal programme
choices. The programme coordinator introduced sport
specific skills (netball) with the end goal of competing in the
lower North Island Teen Parent Tournament. This competition
allowed opportunities for interaction between both groups
which added a competitive edge and a focus on enjoyment
and social participation regardless of the skills.
With the support of the Māori strategy team at Sport Hawke’s
Bay, the TPU’s were given the opportunity to experience
waka-ama at Pandora Pond in Ahuriri. The programme
coordinator combined both groups and the sessions were run
over two afternoons with feedback from both the participants
and teachers being extremely positive.
Teen Parent Unit netball tournament
specialised antenatal programme based on the fundamentals of
the Green Prescription (GRx) initiative. The Green Prescription
Maternal (MGRx) programme provides group and one-onone education, support and activities tailored to meet the
needs of women pre, during and post pregnancy in a variety
of community-based settings. The programme is facilitated
to provide supportive healthy lifestyle approaches around
set goals for lifestyle change and improve physical activity.
The MGRx programme arose from the concerns of health
professionals about the health status of inactive women
during and after pregnancy in New Zealand. There is
increased importance placed on the family environment
in changing behaviour and supporting lifestyle changes to
increase physical activity and improved nutrition.
Participants are referred to the programme through
from increased physical activity or nutritional advice. The
who coordinates and facilities the delivery of this programme.
The programme has both a community-based approach
focused on relationship building, discussing current lifestyle,
concerns and priorities and working together to establish
goals around physical activity and nutrition. Weekly group
activity sessions are also available and include walking
swimming and linkages to facilities where suitable.
Colenso High School and Flaxmere College. With the support
of both schools, the programme coordinator focussed on
improving levels of physical activity and healthy lifestyle
Waka-ama at Pandora Pond
I don’t believe the students undertook any exercise
prior to involvement with Sport Hawke’s Bay.
However, they are more motivated now and as a
group meet outside school hours due fully to the
input of Vanessa [programme coordinator]
Flaxmere Teen Parent Unit.
The past two years has demonstrated the ability of Sport
Hawke’s Bay to successfully deliver the Maternal GRx
programme to Māori, Pacific and young women. The
relationship with the TPU’s has been a key learning in the
delivery of models that support both the community as well
as the TPU’s. It has been identified that the participants
in the TPU’s are mostly interested in sports and group
activities whereas the community-based participants are
more interested in nutrition and weight loss. The programme
has been mostly successful for those participants who were
engaged for six months or more which reinforces the length of
time it takes to both build relationships and for participants to
be ready to make a change. For those participants requiring
further support once the programme is completed there is
also the opportunity to be referred on to either GRx Adults or
GRx Active Families.
For further information on this programme or any of the
please contact:
Sue Smith
Health Team Leader, Sport Hawke's Bay
06 845 9336 ext. 776
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