50m - Zuum Media

50m - Zuum Media
Model: HE2BIR-50M
HDMI Extender over Two CAT5/6 with Bi-Directional IR Control up to 164ft (50m)
The HE2BIR-50M uses only two cost effective CAT5/6 cable to extend your HDTV display up to 164ft (50m) at 1080p, with
high quality uncompressed video, it delivers significant value to the entire home and commercial entertainment system. This
HDMI extender only needs one power supply connected at the transmitter side and the receiver is powered through the
CAT5/6 cable for a closer TV to wall installation. Easy to setup, Auto EDID, Auto EQ, no level adjustments for optimal signal.
Extends HDMI and IR over two CAT5/6 cable (CAT6 recommended for best results)
Full HD 1080p@60Hz and 3D, Deep Color up to 36bit
Max Data Rate – 6.75Gbps
Supported Audio – LPCM, Dolby AC3, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD
Bi-Directional IR, carrier frequency 30kHz to 60kHz
HDMI and HDCP compliant
Transmission range up to 164ft (50m)
Auto EDID and Auto EQ, no dials or dip switches to adjust
Power needed only at the transmitter side
Easy to install, Plug n Play, Small form factor
Installation View:
Note: In limited space applications, a special USB power cable can be used (Sold Separately) Model: 2USB135 will pull
USB power from TV or source components instead of using included power supply.
Panel View:
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Connection and Operation:
Before installation, please make sure all devices you are connecting are turned off.
1) Connect your source to the transmitter extender using an HDMI cable
2) Connect your display to the receiver extender using an HDMI cable
3) Connect two CAT5/6 cables up to 164ft (50m) from the transmitter extender to the receiver extender
4) Connect the 12VDC power supply or optional USB power cable to the transmitter extender
5) Turn on your source and display
6) No Picture? Test CAT5/6 cables, check the extender status lights
Transmission Range: If connection is through a wall jack (not recommended), this could limit the full transmission
distance between the transmitter and receiver extender. We recommended using a straight CAT5/6 cable with RJ45
connections on each end.
Shielded Cable: On most installations, we recommended using a shielded CAT5/6 cable with properly connected shielded
RJ45 connectors. This will prevent video and audio loss due to EMI and other interference from switched lighting and ceiling
1. The wiring must be away from any equipment with electromagnetic signal, such as mobile phones, microwaves, radio
communication equipment, fluorescent lighting, and high voltage power lines.
2. This device is not network compatible; do not connect via network to avoid damage.
IR Control Connections:
- Step 1: When using IR remote at display side, plug IR receiver into receiver extender and move IR switch to Rx.
On the source side plug IR blaster into transmitter extender and move IR switch to Tx.
- Step 2: When using IR remote or control system at source side plug IR receiver into transmitter extender and
move IR switch to Rx. On the display side plug IR blaster into receiver extender and move IR switch to
Status Lights:
RJ45 Green - On (Sending 12V power and HDMI data to receiver)
RJ45 Yellow - On (No HDMI input or unsupported video format)
RJ45 Green - On (12V power and HDMI data received from transmitter)
RJ45 Yellow - On (No HDMI data or signal to weak)
RJ45 Define:
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ZM 031914
Package Contents:
- HDMI Transmitter
- HDMI Receiver
- 12VDC 1Amp Power Supply
- IR Receiver
- IR Blaster
- Mounting Screws
- User Instructions
Up to 1080p@60Hz
164ft (50m) Max
Deep Color
IR Carrier Frequency
30kHz ~ 60kHz
IR Emit/Receive Angle
Tx: ± 30°, Rx: ± 55°
IR Receiver Distance
16ft (5m)
IR Connection
3.5mm Jack
HDMI Connector
Type A
Linking Interface
RJ45 x 2
Slide Switch x 1
Slide Switch x 1
RJ45 Yellow/Green x 2
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Operation Temperature
Dimensions - Inches
12VDC 1A
350mA Max
Operation: 32 to 131°F, Storage: -4 to 185°F, Humidity: up to 95%
2.64”(w) x 3.58”(h) x 1.06”(d)
Weight - lbs
Do You Need Technical Support?
ZuumMedia is proud to offer free technical support to ensure your product is operating correctly.
If you are experiencing difficulties setting up this product, please call us for assistance 1-888-861-7351 or visit www.zuummedia.com for
more information.
Here for You 24/7
8805 Jones Rd. Ste C104, Houston Texas 77065 * 1-888-861-7351 * www.zuummedia.com
ZM 031914
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