Montageanleitung/Bedienungsanleitung / Assembly

Montageanleitung/Bedienungsanleitung / Assembly
Drawing number: A 28910 00 IT 7 4
Magnet card reader
DK 7320.760
For reasons of clarity of the presentation, these operating instructions do not contain all information details and also cannot
cover every possible case of installation, operation or repair. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. In
case of doubt, the German text prevails.
Pin configuration for connecting cable RJ12 plug handle:
Sensor unit:
Access Unit 7320.220
The readers can be connected to the Access Unit 7320.220 (max. 2). The reader performs the function of a personalised door
release. For each reader an interlock system (e.g. electrical handle) and an access sensor must be mounted on the appropriate
door. Design adapters can be used for mounting on the Rittal door systems.
Supplied with the reader are 3 magnetic cards. Each card carries a 4-digit code: 1st card:1001, 2nd card:1002, and 3rd card:1003.
These codes are released in the basic setting in the CMC-TC system but they can be disabled individually. If a card with a
released code is pulled through the reader, the door system is released and can be opened. If an invalid code is entered, the
door system remains locked. In either case the code is communicated to the CMC-TC system. The following should be
observed when pulling the magnetic strip through the card reader: The narrow side of the reader should be on the right side, the
card is pulled through the reader top down and the magnetic strip of the card must always be towards the small side of the
reader. The reader is automatically identified and set up by the CMC-TC system. The following components are require for
operating the reader:
- Processing unit (7320.100) with mains adapter (e.g., 7320.425), connecting cable complying with local specifications,
programming cable.
- Sensor unit (7320.220), connecting lead (RJ45, Cat5).
- Additional holes in the door ( see assembly drawing)
- Access sensor (7320.530) and interlocking system / electrical handle system
General conditions of use:
- The reader system must only be used together with the Rittal CMC-TC system.
- The operating instructions / safety instructions of the Processing Unit and of the above sensor units apply.
- The maximum cable length between the sensor unit and the reader is 3+2m. The connection must be made with the
connecting cable of the supply. Extension cables 7200.450 for special applications are available after consultation with our
central office.
- It is absolutely necessary that these cables are installed separately from mains power cables.
- The use of the reader systems are exclusively limited to the specified ambient conditions.
- The enclosure contains no parts that require maintenance. The three DIL switches on the printed-circuit board must always
remain at „on“ position; this position must not be changed.
- Before making the connection, check to be sure that the reader for the system can be used with the device / module.
- It is forbidden to render safety equipment ineffective.
- Direct contact of the reader with water (e.g., dew), oil sludge or any aggressive substances is forbidden.
- Use in locations with flammable gas or vapour is forbidden. Protection from water, dust, etc. must be ensured by installation in
a enclosure or rack.
- The CMC-TC system must not be live with voltage when the reader is being connected to the sensor unit.
- The sensor must be installed properly as described in the separate installation instructions.
Technical data:
Voltage 24 V DC
Current consumption 15mA
Connecting cable: length 3m, RJ45 plug
Extension cable: length 2m, RJ45/RJ45 plug
Extension coupler: RJ45/RJ45 socket
Ambient temperature range: +5°C to +45°C
Card type: magnetic strip card conforming to ISO 7810 et seq.
Interface: I2C bus
Input waiting time: 60 sec.
Read head for magnetic strip track 2
( for high or low magnetised card types)
Protection category: IP20
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