Overview Basic Information Setting Up Your Computer or Device

Overview Basic Information Setting Up Your Computer or Device
The 3M Cloud Library offers eBooks
and audiobooks for use on computers and portable devices.
Basic Information
Using the 3M Cloud App
You must install the appropriate app
for each device before using 3M
Cloud Library titles.
Your account, including where you
left off reading in a given book, will be
synchronized between all your devices automatically.
You can browse, check out, and read titles
directly from the 3M App on your device.
Specific menu options are different in the
PC App from those in the Android and iOS
3M Cloud e-Books and audiobooks
work on the following devices.
Finding a Title
There are three ways to search the 3M
Cloud Library:
Version of
Install 3M Cloud on up to 5 devices
View Featured titles
iOS (iPhone, iPad,
iPod Touch)
iOS App from
iTunes Store
Check out up to 5 eBooks at a time
Browse by category
Place up to 5 titles on hold at a time
Search by keyword
Keep a title for up to 21 days.
You can filter your search by format
(eBook or audiobook) and availability.
Android Devices
(2.2 or higher)
Android App from
Google Play
Nook Tablet Devic- Nook App from
es (Nook HD, Color, Barnes & Noble
& Tablet
EPUB eReaders
PC App from
(Nook, Nook Touch, ebook.3m.com
Kobo, Sony, etc.)
PCs (Windows 7, 8, PC App from
Vista, XP)
Mac computers
(OSX6 or higher
Mac App from
Kindle Fire
See ebook.3m.com
for instructions
3M Cloud eBooks and audio-books will
not work on Kindle eReaders.
Setting Up Your
Computer or Device
Checking out a Title
Tap or click the cover art
Tap or click the Borrow button
Download and open the app
Select US from the list of countries
Select IL from the list of states
Select Illinois Heartland Libraries
The title will be added to the bookshelf for
every device for which you've installed the
3M Cloud App.
System from the list of libraries
Placing a Title on Hold
Tap or click the cover art
Tap or click the Put on Hold button
Catalog or App?
You can use either the library’s regular
catalog or the 3M Cloud App to browse
the collection, check out titles, or manage
your account. To read or listen to 3M
Cloud titles, you must use the 3M Cloud
Using the Kaskaskia College
Library Catalog
3M Cloud titles are included in the
Kaskaskia College Library catalog along
with print books, books on CD, DVDs, and
music CDs. Browse and check out 3M titles
just as you do with all items in the catalog.
Finding an eBook
Visit the Kaskaskia College Library’s
webpage at:
Click on KC Library Electronic Card
Log in to your account.
Search the catalog just as you would for
any title, author, or subject. 3M titles that
match your criteria will appear in the
search results along with other library
items. 3M titles are indicated by the 3M
logo to the right of the title information,
with a book icon for e-books and a headphone icon for audiobooks.
Note: to find only 3M titles, enter 3M in the
search bar, and in the “Limit by” box, select
E-resources for eBooks or Audio EBook for
Checking out a Title
Click the Checkout button to the right of
the title information. The title will be added to the list of items check out to your
account and to the 3M Cloud bookshelf for
every device on which you’ve installed the
3M Cloud App.
Placing a Hold
Click the Place Hold button to the right of the
title information. The title will be added to your
list of requests under “My Account.” You will be
notified when the item is available for checkout,
just as you would be notified for physical materials.
Returning Titles Early
3M Cloud eBooks will be removed from your
device(s) automatically at the end of the 21 day
loan period. If you finish with a title before the
loan period expires, you can return it early for
the next patron to read.
From the App:
From the left menu, choose My Books
Press and hold the cover art, then tap Return
From the Catalog:
Log in to your account
Select Items Out from the My Account menu
Click the Check In button for the title
You wish to return
Getting More Help
More help with the 3M Cloud Library is
available at ebook.3m.com
Library staff are always available for quick
answers on using the 3M Cloud Library
Kaskaskia College Library
27210 College Rd.
Centralia, IL 62801
(618) 545-3130
Using eBooks
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