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a  file of this infotisement
The Expandable, Desktop-to-Go PC
There is no sacrificing performance to get notebook PC
convenience with the HP Omnibook 5700. This high-speed
Pentium notebook with MMX technology has superior
modularity and advanced performance with maximum
expandability. Business people on the go find it great for their
mobile computing needs.
Salespeople are able to create winning presentations
using high resolution text and graphics. They add video and sound for more dramatic results or simply
connect via remote access to place an order when clients decide to buy. Financial planners download
industry investments almost anywhere they want and instantly create proposals to help clients make
critical and timely investment choices.
Its fast and reliable. Light weight and compact. Take it anywhere and everywhere to
keep business intact.
Features and Benefits
■ 166 or 150 MHz processor with MMX technology delivers
the power needed for processing large and complex
■ 64 bit graphics accelerator, 2 MB of video memory and
real-time video on a large, color XGA or SVGA TFT display,
brings multimedia to life.
■ 32 bit PC card slot and optional docking station make it
fast and easy to network.
■ Hard drives with starage capacity of up to 3 GB
sufficiently archives mission-critical information and data.
For more details and product specifications on this expandable desktop-to-go, visit the HewlettPackard website at www.hp.com/ Or, call HP FIRST at (800) 333-1917 and obtain instant faxback articles,
specification sheets and more.
Omnibook 5700CT notebook 5/150, Model 2000 PC
Omnibook 5700CT notebook 5/166, Model 2000 PC
Omnibook 5700CTX notebook 5/166, Model 3000 PC
Omnibook 5700CTX notebook 5/166, Model 2000 PC
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