Ingenico RP457c Quick Start Guide - National Transaction Corporation

Ingenico RP457c Quick Start Guide - National Transaction Corporation
Ingenico RP457c Quick Start Guide
RP457c (front)
RP457c (back)
1 Gather everything you need to get started
Converge Mobile app downloaded on your mobile device
A Converge Mobile account
Ingenico RP457c card reader
An iOS/Android mobile device with internet connectivity
2 Assemble your RP457c card reader
You will find your card reader and an audio connector in the package,
along with a rubber bumper and a rubber stabilizer. Plug the audio con-
nector into the card reader. Use the rubber bumper and stabilizer to ensure
your card reader sits securely on your mobile device. Select the port that
best fits your mobile device.
Audio connector
Rubber bumper (front)
Rubber bumper (back)
Rubber stabilizer (bottom)
Rubber stabilizer (bottom)
RP457c with audio connector and
rubber bumper and stabilizer
Recommended alignment
Awkward alignment
3 Charge your RP457c card reader
Charge your RP457c with the USB cable by plugging it into a charger or
computer. You will find three sets of lights on the card reader.
• Red LED battery indicator (on the right) above the power button:
Battery full - red LED is ON and steady
Battery low - red LED blinking slowly
Battery out of capacity - red LED is OFF
Battery charging - red LED blinking quickly
• Blue Bluetooth LED indicator (on the left) below the USB port ON: Bluetooth device is connected
• Four LEDs on the top are transaction status indicator
Four LED lights
(transaction indicator)
USB port
Blue LED
(Bluetooth indicator)
(battery indicator)
Power button
4 Set up Converge Mobile with RP457c
Download and launch the Converge Mobile app on your mobile device. You
can find the Converge Mobile app in the Apple App Store or Google Play
Store by searching for “Converge Mobile.”
Log in using your Converge Mobile account credentials. If you are an existing VirtualMerchant Mobile or Merchant Services Mobile user, you can use
the same log-in credentials for Converge Mobile. If you do not have log-in
credentials, contact the Activation team at 866-451-4007.
Once logged in, select the RP457c on the card reader selection screen.
Follow the steps to user your RP457c with the audio jack or pair it as a
Bluetooth card reader.
5 Accept payments with your RP457c card reader
After setup, you can accept payments by inserting a chip card, tapping a
contactless card or mobile wallet, or swiping a magstripe card.
Insert a chip card
(EMV transaction)
Take contactless
Swipe a magstripe card
(either left to right
or right to left)
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