XF-GPRS-1 XF-GPRS modem is applied in Supervisory

XF-GPRS-1 XF-GPRS modem is applied in Supervisory
Type: XF-GPRS-1
Certificate ISO 9001:2000
XF-GPRS modem is applied in
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
systems (SCADA) for data transfer between
microprocessor controllers or PLC and
supervisory working station, using public
GSM mobile network.
GPRS service is available on the
whole territory cowered by GSM network of
any GSM service provider! System is
protected from unauthorized access by
using private APN.
Additional advance is low cost usage,
based on amount of transferred data
instead connection time.
XF-GPRS is industrial communication device for serial data transfer in peer-to-peer or
star configurations.
This device could be configured to work in master or slave mode. Master modem
makes connection with slave modems using dynamic IP route selection from memorized
route table, while slave modems have fixed route of master modem. Whole configuration
work is done within any terminal program in modem command mode. Data transfer is taking
without any control codes.
Four LED diodes (ON, GSM, RDY, BSY) indicate device state. All wire connections
are made with plug / unplug connectors. Housing of the device is by standard DIN rail 35
XF-GPRS modem has to comunicate with fixed IP addresses in VPN GPRS networks.
Due to it is necessary that user contacts GSM mobile network operator and provide
appropriate SIM cards.
Technical data
* Power:
* Consumption:
* Frequency:
* Output power:
* Antenna:
* Connectors:
* Comm. interface:
* Env. temperate:
* Env. humidity
* Protection:
* Dimensions:
8-30V DC
still 0.2W, max 3W
900/1800 MHz
class 4 (2W at 900MHz)
class 1 (1W at 1800 MHz)
50 Ω, SMA connector
plug in connector 5 mm raster
70x85x58 mm
Wiring diagram
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