Allegheny Hard Drive/E

Allegheny Hard Drive/E
Allegheny Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredders
“ I can’t say enough about our Allegheny
Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder. We can
shred 1500 drives in half a day in my
mobile truck! The shredder has paid
for itself tenfold, and I’m expanding to
in-house destruction next year.”
Advantage E-cycling
LLEGHENY'S rugged, high-capacity
hard drive/e-scrap shredders meet
the growing need for destruction of
computer hard drives, optical media,
and other electronic storage devices
(cell phones, handheld devices, laptop
computers, etc.). The Allegheny Hard
Drive/E-Scrap Shredders offer reliable,
cost-effective destruction of obsolete
electronic materials that pose a threat
to data security and tax our landfills.
Physical destruction is the most
effective and desirable solution for unwanted or obsolete data-bearing media.
Shredding offers maximum protection,
eliminating any possibility of reconstruction or retrieval. Allegheny offers three
separate horsepower models, a 3 Hp, 71/2
Hp and a 20 Hp model.
Our compact, affordable 3 Hp Model
5HD3, with a 5" cutting assembly, can destroy 12-15 hard drives per minute—up to
600 standard drives per hour. The 7½ Hp
model, featuring either an 8" or 12" cutting assembly, accepts most standard hard
drives (25-35 per minute). The 12" version
accepts most laptop computers (without
batteries). Allegheny’s heavy-duty 20 Hp
model, with twice the torque of the 7½
Hp model, is designed for high volume
applications. The 12" cutting assembly
shreds 35-45 hard drives per minute, as
well as laptop computers and electronic
storage devices. All models operate with
minimal noise and vibration.
Allegheny Hard Drive/E-Scrap
Shredders are designed, engineered and
manufactured to be the most rugged,
reliable and long-lasting in the industry.
Key features include: computer-aided
design (CAD) and computer-aided
manufacturing (CAM) to guarantee
precision and maximum shredding
power; all-steel spur/drive gears for
high torque and heavy loads; a powerful Lincoln motor; and Dodge-Reliance
gear reducers that run in oil for quiet,
trouble-free operation.
Our hard drive/e-scrap shredders are
ideal for e-scrap recyclers, data centers,
and records & information management
centers that need to destroy sensitive
data-bearing media.
Allegheny Model 5HD3
Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder
Anatomy of an Allegheny Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredders
Standard features that make the Allegheny Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder the most reliable in the industry
Shredder is available with an
optional output conveyor for
transfer of shredded material
into a dumpster or other
Angled 5", 8" or 12" wide in-feed chutes
provide ease in feeding.
All-steel spur/drive gears are carburized
and case-hardened – designed to withstand high torque and heavy loads.
Dodge-Reliance shaftmounted gear reducer is
completely sealed and runs
in oil for quiet, trouble-free operation.
No lubrication or adjustments are required.
Individual, 1½" wide, precision-ground
sawtooth hooked cutters easily shred
computer hard drives, optical media, and
electronic devices such as cell phones,
handheld devices, laptop computers
(without batteries), etc. into unusable
and unidentifiable pieces.
Key-locked low-voltage control panel ensures
safe operation by authorized operators only.
International symbol-coded safety labels are
affixed to the machine to ensure safety
Convenient feed shelf holds
materials prior to shredding.
Centralized lubrication system offers easy
maintenance of spur/drive gears and roller
Current-sensing relay stops machine
in the event of a jam. Reversing
starter allows operator to clear
jam in seconds.
Allegheny shredders are designed and
engineered for ease in maintenance and
servicing. This ensures lasting performance
with minimum downtime.
Powerful Lincoln motor handles the
heavy loads required for efficient
high volume shredding.
Equipment is mounted on casters
for easy, smooth mobility.
Machine shown with covers removed.
8HD7.5 12HD7.5 12HD20
Motor 3 HP TEFC
7½ Hp TEFC
7½ Hp TEFC
Capacity (per minute)
12-15 hard drives*
25-35 hard drives*
30-35 hard drives**
35-45 hard drives**
Capacity (per hour)
Up to 600 standard* drives
Up to 1500 standard* drives Model
Up to 300 server drives
Up to 750 server drives Up to 2,400 standard* drives
fed two at a time.
Up to 1,200 server drives
Up to 3,500 standard* drives
fed two at a time.
Up to 1,750 server drives
20 Hp TEFC
Input Speed (per minute)
23' / 7m
42' / 12.8 m
42' / 12.8 m 65' / 19.8 m
Feed Opening (WxH) 5" x 1¾"
127 mm x 44.5 mm
8" x 2" 203 mm x 51 mm
12" x 2" 305 mm x 51 mm
12" x 2"
305 mm x 51 mm
12" / 305 mm
Cutting Assembly (width)
5" / 127 mm
8" / 203 mm
12" / 305 mm
Cutting Assembly (clearance) 1¼" / 31.75 mm
1½" / 38 mm
1½" / 38 mm
Cutters (diameter)
6½" / 165 mm - hooked
9" / 229 mm - hooked 9" / 229 mm - hooked
Precision-ground sawtooth cutters, made from tool steel, heat-treated to optimum Rockwell hardness.
10½" / 267 mm - skiptooth
Shred Width 1½" / 38 mm 1½" / 38 mm
1½" / 38 mm 1½" / 38 mm (other shred widths available)
Decibel Rating (approx.)
68 dBL 70 dBL 70 dBL
75 dBL
Voltage 208/230 Volt AC, 1-phase, 60 cycle (Model 5HD3 only) / 208/230/460 Volt AC, 3-phase, 60 cycle
Dimensions (WxLxH) 33" x 33" x 55"
84 cm x 84 cm x 140 cm
42" x 41" x 56"
107 cm x 104 cm x 142 cm
42" x 45" x 56"
107 cm x 114 cm x 142 cm
48" x 55" x 68"
122 cm x 140 cm x 173 cm
Weight (approx.)
1200 lbs / 544 kg
2250 lbs / 1021 kg
2500 lbs / 1134 kg
4,200 lbs / 1905 kg
* Standard drives up to 1" (25 mm) thick and most server drives.
** In addition to accepting standard and server drives, all 12" models accept laptop computers (without batteries).
As we constantly improve our products, specifications are subject to change.
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2" / 51 mm
To learn more about how Allegheny can provide a total solution
for your security, recycling, and waste reduction needs, please
call us. We offer the widest range of information destruction
equipment available in the industry—from office paper shredders to high capacity shredding systems that can destroy up
to 25 tons of paper per hour.
If you would like information about our superior equipment,
please refer to the separate brochures on our J-Series Office
Paper Shredders, 16-Series Shredders, 100-Series Shredders, 1000-Series Shredders, Security Grinders, Product
& E-Scrap Shredders or Allegheny Horizontal Balers.
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