iPhone Support Document for Students-SPH

iPhone Support Document for Students-SPH
iPhone Support Document for Students
Connectivity to the UTHSC-H Exchange e-mail system with an approved mobile device is now
available to students.
Students are allowed to connect a single supported device to the UTHealth e-mail system.
Multiple devices per student are not permitted at this time.
Supported devices include the original iPhone, iPhone 3G & iPhone 3G [S], iPhone 4 & iPod
Future iPhones will be evaluated for support as they become available. EAS (Exchange
Activesync) support does not extend to the iPad at this time. Jailbroken iPhones or iPod Touches
are not supported. UTHealth does not provide support for, or permit connectivity to any other
EAS enabled device.
Upon joining a supported mobile device to the UTHSC-H e-mail system, pre-defined policies will
be enforced. These policies include but are not limited to minimum password length, inactivity
timeout period & number of failed unlock attempts allowed. For more detailed information on
what policies are being applied, see http://dcos.uth.tmc.edu/MobileDevices/iPhonePolicies.htm.
This URL is accessible while connected to the UTHealth network.
Notify SPH IT Services immediately if your device is lost or stolen.
UTHealth has the ability to remote wipe your device in this instance
but can only do so while the cellular account is still active.
An ‘iDevice’ FAQ is available at http://dcos.uth.tmc.edu/MobileDevices/iPhoneFAQ.htm.
To activate your iPhone or iPod Touch, follow these steps once your account has been provisioned
for connectivity. For SPH students, you should contact Chris Harvey, 713-500-9544, to have your
account provisioned for mobile connectivity. Once this is done, you can follow the steps below.
1. From the iPhone Home Screen
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap Mail, Contacts & Calendars
4. Tap Add Account
5. Tap Microsoft Exchange
1. Email Address: Enter UTHSC-H e-mail address
2. Domain: uthouston
3. Username: Enter UTHSC-H user id
4. Password: Enter UTHSC-H password
6. Tap Next
7. Server: webmail.uth.tmc.edu
8. Tap Next
9. Select which items you want to sync (Mail, Contacts, Calendar)
10. Tap Done
11. Tap Continue when prompted for password
12. Choose a password for the device (at least four characters)
13. Tap Next
14. Re-enter password
15. Tap Done
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