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Kingpin Screens Ellipse electric screen
Product information/Technical specification
EES-Series, 2009-01-27
This ellipse-shaped cassette is elegant and discreet in its design. It is especially designed for use
in offices and schools, but suits well in homes too. The mounting system is easy to use and will
work with most of the rail systems on the market.
The powercord on the screen is 5 meters long with the controlbox mounted on the middle of the cord. The controlbox works as the receiver of the
remote control. All Kingpin electric screens are CE-certified and is operated by 100-230V / 50-60Hz. The fuse in the controlbox is 6,3 A.
Cassette / Colour
The screen cassette is made of aluminium and is powder coated
in white.
Remote control
(RF/IR/TRIGGER/control system)
The screen is operated by the enclosed remote control (RF) or the
control box that is mounted on the electric cord. The remote
control is a RF-emitter and can be operated in a distance of at
least 20 meters indoor. The control box can also be controlled
with IR, by the defaults codes or by own programming via the
IR-eye on the box.
The trigger output on the projector can be connected to the controlbox and when the projector is started the screen will go down
automaticly, when it is turned off it will go up.
Control system like Crestron can be connected (Line IR) to be
used with the controlbox default codes. For more information see
the operation guide for the control system.
Screen fabric / Gain
For a natural picture, the screen fabric is matte white with a gain of 1,0. The
screen fabric is made of PVC coated glassfibre.
FORMAT 1:1 and 16:10
The screen fabric has either 1:1 or 16:10-format, it has a white frontside
with 5 cm black borders (no borders on 1:1-format). The screen has a
black reverse side for better contrast, depth and to prevent backlight.
end positions
The end positions of the screen can be adjusted very easily and with great
precision. The adjustment screws are placed on the motor on the right hand
side of the cassette.
The motor is a tubular motor that is placed inside the axle tube. The
running time is max 5 min, after that the overheating protection may
be activated.
The screens can be mounted either on the wall or the ceiling with the enclosed
mounts. The mounting system will work with most of the railsystems on the market.
Technical specification ellipse Electric screen
EES180-1:1 EES180-16:10 Format Gain
white Fabric size (mm)
(mm) Viewing area
(mm) Length
(mm) Hight
Weight Net/Gross
L x W x H (mm)
100” 1:1 1,0 79” 16:10 1,0 1800x2650 1800x1938 0 50 0 600 1800x2400 1700x1063 1914 1914 105 105 93 93 9/10 9/10
EES210-1:1 EES210-16:10 117” 1:1 1,0 93” 16:10 1,0 2100x2650 2100x2125 0 50 0 600 2100x2400 2000x1250 2214 2214 105 105 93 93 10/11 10/11 2470x130x130
EES240-1:1 EES240-16:10 134” 1:1 1,0 107” 16:10 1,0 2400x2650 2400x2313 0 50 0 600 2400x2400 2000x1438 2514 2514 105 105 93 93 11/13 11/13 2770x130x130
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