Rack Mount Kit
Rack Mount Kit
Series 474
Rack Mount Kit
Series 474
Rack Mount Kit
Series 474
After Sales and Support
Our Technical Support Team is highly trained to provide expert
technical assistance on all of IHSE products and will be happy to
answer technical questions or provide troubleshooting support as
Online Support
At the support area on our website you will find up-to-date
documents in PDF format like quick setup guides and detailed
product descriptions, further updates & tools and much more.
Take a look at www.ihse.com and benefit from our versatile online
support and documentation.
Draco vario Online Configurator
IHSE provides a configurator for all Draco vario products. Check out
our product site at www.ihse.com and select your preferred chassis.
Equip it with your required boards and modules and simulate your
fully loaded frame.
The configurator comes up with all regular Draco vario chassis,
main boards, upgrade modules and USB 2.0 modules.
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Rack Mount Kit
Quick Setup
Draco vario KVM Extenders
Series 474, 481, 482, 483
Draco Video Converters
Series 238
Further information and operating instructions can be found in the
PDF manual on our website:
Quick Setup
Quick Setup
Quick Setup
Rack Mount Kit
Series 474
1. Installation
First time users are recommended to setup the system in
the same room as a test setup. This will allow you to identify
and solve any mounting problems, and experiment with
your system more conveniently.
Rack Mount Kit
Series 474
Series 474
2.1 Layout Possibilities
3. Technical Support
1. Layout 1x 2 bay chassis
Prior to contacting support please ensure you have read the quick
setup and manual, and then installed and setup your device as
3.1 Support Checklist
1.Place the extender(s) on the mounting angle.
2.Mount the extenders by using the provided mounting
Rack Mount Kit
To efficiently handle your request it is necessary to complete our
checklist for support and problem cases.
2. Layout 2x 2 bay chassis
Please keep the following information available before you call:
3. Mount the mounting angle into the 19“ rack by using the
appropriate mounting materials (not included in delivery).
3. Layout 3x 2 bay chassis
2. Specifications
19“ mounting angle / tray
6x mounting screws M3
4x mounting screws M2,5 (for 455-PS)
2x blind plates
Quick Setup
If anything is missing, please contact your dealer.
4. Layout 1x 2 bay chassis and 1x 4 bay chassis
Type and serial number of the device (see bottom of device)
Date and number of sales receipt, name of dealer if necessary
Issue date of the existing manual
Nature, circumstances and duration of the problem
Involved components (such as graphic source/CPU, OS,
graphic card, monitor, USB-HID/USB 2.0 devices, interconnect
cable) including manufacturer and model number
Results from any testing you have done
To return your device, contact your dealer to obtain a RMA
number (Return-Material-Authorization).
Package your devices carefully, preferably using the original
box. Add all pieces which you received originally.
Note your RMA number visibly on your shipment.
5. Layout 1x 6 bay chassis
Quick Setup
Company, name, phone number and email
3.2 Shipping Checklist
2.1 Package Contents
You should receive the following items in your KVM extender
Quick Setup
Devices that are sent in without a RMA number cannot be
accepted. The shipment will be sent back without being
opened, postage unpaid.
Quick Setup
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