Atracsys Image Processing and Measurement Solutions

Atracsys Image Processing and Measurement Solutions
Image Processing and Measurement Solutions
Atracsys is a Swiss SME specialized in real-time optical
localization systems and product development services
for image processing and measurement solutions on
Since 2004, our high-speed optical measurement
systems help surgeons all around the world to guide
their instruments inside the patient's body with submillimetric precision.
With the same level of quality, reliability and
robustness, our experienced engineers develop
customer-specific hardware and software for clients in
the industrial-, medical-, biometry-, and consumer
electronics sector.
Ch de Maillefer 47
1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne
+41 21 533 09 00
Atracsys is your development partner for demanding
embedded systems. With a wide knowledge in
electronics, FPGA, optics, mechanics, high- and lowlevel software programming, we turn your project into a
finished product.
Atracsys can cover all phases in your project flow:
• Feasibility study and fundamental research
• Product specifications
• Hardware / electronics development
• Embedded software development
• Mechanical / optical design
• Product preparation for mass production
• Extensive testing
• Certifications
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Atracsys Products
Consulting Realizations
Since 2004, Atracsys optical localizers are used in a
large variety of applications in the medical-, industrialand motion capture field.
Atracsys localizers measure in real-time position and
orientation of objects in space. Targets are fixed on
the objects to localize. These targets are seen by the
cameras inside the localizer. The camera images are
further processed by the embedded video-processing
system and, after triangulation, position and
orientation are transmitted to a PC.
Our localizers use two different technologies:
• accuTrack
This family of localizers uses near-infrared light
emitting diodes as targets observed by high-speed
linear CCD sensors. The accuTrack delivers 3-D
positions up to 4160 Hz in a working volume as big
as 13m3 with a precision starting at 50 microns.
• InfiniTrack
This family of localizer emits near-infrared light from
a LED ring surrounding each camera lens and uses
balls or discs as targets. The targets are coated
with a retro-reflective material mirroring the light
back to the two 2-D CMOS cameras. The
infiniTrack delivers up to 333 measurements per
seconds in a working volume of 3m 3 with a
precision starting at 100 microns.
• Interactive table
Design for manufacturing of optical-based
interactive multi-touch table with object-recognition
• Wireless markers for image guided surgery
Electronic development of proprietary high-speed
wide range IR communication. Implementation in
low-power electronics using 8-bit assembler
programmed micro-controllers.
• Measurement system for railway track
lining and leveling
FPGA based optical triangulation system using
high-speed linear CCD.
• Obstacle detection system for mobile
CMOS imager and line-laser based obstacle
detection system with real-time processing in
FPGA. Gigabit Ethernet communication.
• Biometric sensor
Feasibility study of an imager based biometric
sensor for access control.
Atracsys Know-How
• Design of analog, digital and mixed
signals circuits
• PCB schematics and routing
• Multilayer PCB, Flex-Rigid, Microvias
• High-speed signaling (signal integrity,
controlled impedance)
• USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, I2C,
1-Wire, SPI, LVDS, IR, RS232/485…
• 3D development and modeling
• Thermal sensitive design
• Tooling, extrusion, molding, sheet
metal manufacturing by network
partners in Switzerland and abroad
• Rapid-prototyping
• Industrial design partner network
• Real-time applications on Altera
FPGAs including Nios II softcore
• Qsys Avalon-bus based processing
• Massive parallelism for high-speed
image processing
• Simulation
Embedded software
• Assembler on 8..32-bit microcontrollers
• FPGA Nios II softcore
• 8051
PC software
• C, C++, C#, Assembler
• WPF, DirectX, OpenGL, Qt
• Windows, Linux, Real-time OS
• Direct scripting interface for control
and debugging of embedded
• Zemax
• Geometrical calibration of optical
measurement systems
• Temperature-compensation
• Triangulation
• Matlab
• Finite elements
User interfaces
• Graphical user interfaces
• Multi-touch interfaces
• Ergonomics
• Prototyping
• Small production
• Manufacturing transfer
• Quality insurance
Quality management
• ISO 9001
• ISO 13485
• EMC, Electrical safety
• CE
Project management
• R&D
• Feasibility studies
• Design, development
• Manufacturing
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