W-426E Room Policies Printing Options Video Capture Whiteboard

W-426E Room Policies Printing Options Video Capture Whiteboard
Room Policies
Whiteboard Capture
Video Capture
Printing Options
Policies for using the Whiteboard lab
In room W-426E
Thank you for using the MSU Libraries Collaborative Technology Labs. If you find anything in the lab
to be out of order, please report it when you return your binder. Below are the policies for use:
Labs must be reserved ahead of time at the website http://reservations.lib.msu.edu
Patrons making reservations must arrive within 15 minutes of the reservation start time,
or the room will be released and reassigned. You may check in up to 15 minutes early if
the room is not in use.
Each patron may reserve MSU Libraries Collaborative Technology Labs up to 2 hours per
The checkout and checkin point for this lab is the MSU Libraries Digital Multimedia
Center (DMC) service desk.
Upon checkin, the patron will be issued a binder containing instructions and dry erase
markers. These items must be returned immediately at the end of the reservation
Rooms must be left clean and tidy; please return furniture to its original location
Note: Please ask for help from the DMC staff if equipment is not working, and please report any
Using the Whiteboard
The camera above the Whiteboard will turn on by itself when the computer boots up.
Write on the Whiteboard:
Use the dry erase markers provided to you at the DMC service counter to write on the board. If the
markers are dried up, please return them to the desk for new ones.
Saving the stuff you write on the Whiteboard
Make the room as bright as you can for best contrast
Hit the “Save to Web” button on the gray wall box
Wait for the gray box to stop making noise and stop blinking
To retrieve your image:
Go to the website A series of whiteboard images are arranged in
chronological order, with the newest one in the upper left corner. Please disregard the date and time
information underneath each image, they are incorrect.
Click on your image to enlarge it. Click on the image to get the ‘save’ option. Save the image to
your USB drive or to your MSU Networked drive (the AFS “P” drive on the computer). The image will
save as a PNG graphic file. This filetype works with most web browsers and graphics programs.
Save to 3.5” floppy disk! You may buy a floppy disk at the Copy Center on 2-West for 25
Turn on the lights in the room to make it as bright as possible
Push the “Save” button on the gray wall box
Wait for the gray box to stop making noise and blinking …it may take a minute or so.
Elgato Video Capture
This lab is equipped with Elgato Video Capture. With your webcam and cables, you will
be able to capture, trim, and save video.
Step 1: Look for the yellow/red/white and s-Video cables near the
back of the lab computer.
Step 2: Attach your camera to the cables in one of two possible
 Using a composite cable (not provided) connect the yellow,
red, and white connectors to the same colored outlets in your camera.
 Using a S-video cable (not provided) connect to a S-video outlet on your camera.
Step 3: Turn on your camera
Step 4: On the PC, launch the CyberLink PowerDirector software.
Near the top of the screen you’ll see the basic steps for creating a video
Click on the “Capture” button. PowerDirector will detect the camera and display
input from the camera on the screen. The screen will also show a variety of
other important tools, such as….the Record Button.
Step 5: To record, click the Record Button.
Edit the Video
The PowerDirector software provides some editing functionality. Click on the “Edit” button (as
pictured above) to enter the editing area. Available videos, including any you
have made today on this computer, will be listed. Either select one of the videos,
or open one from your own Flash drive or other site using the “Import Media”
You may trim the beginning or end of the video using the provided controls.
Another function allows inserting a Title Sequence using the “Title” button. Select among a
variety of title sequences, then insert it into the video.
Power Tools offer several more options:
Produce the Video
The video may be exported in a variety of formats, then saved. Be sure to NOT save the video to
the Desktop or to this computer’s hard drive. The file will disappear as soon as the computer is
logged out.
Click on the “Produce” button to generate the video in the format you want.
Save to USB
Save to CD or DVD
Save to MSU Netfiles – Every person with a MSU NetID has personal storage space on
the university network. When a lab computer is logged in, this space is designated as
the “P” Drive. All other information, such as files on the Desktop or on the C Drive will
be erased when the computer is logged out or restarted. You may access your
University space from any computer at the URL http://netfiles.msu.edu
The full manual for using PowerDirector version 8 is located on the web at:
Printing options in room W-426E
When you click on File --> Print you will see a lot of print options:
Paying with e-tokens
You must have a MSU e-token account with a positive e-token balance in order to use
the e-token print option. You may quickly charge e-tokens to your university account at
http://netprint.msu.edu (click on ‘purchase e-tokens). You won’t see any error message
if you have no e-tokens, the job just won’t print. Here are your e-token print choices:
E-token Black and White options – Pick up 8.5” x 11” at DMC printer
 Double-sided ‘letter’ 8.5” x 11” is the default print option (1-etoken per side)
 Single-sided ‘letter’ 8.5” x 11” (1-etoken per sheet)
 Single-sided ‘ledger’ 11” x 17” (2 e-tokens per sheet) – Pick up at 1st Floor
E-token Color options - Pick up at 1st floor Lobby
 Single-sided ‘letter’ 8.5” x 11” (8 e-tokens per sheet)
 Double-sided ‘letter’ 8.5” x 11” (8 e-tokens per side)
 Single-sided ‘ledger’ 11” x 17” (16 e-tokens per sheet)
Paying with Cash/Credit/Debit
The Copy Center is in the West Wing, 2nd floor of the main library. In addition to cash,
credit and debit, they also accept University Department Account Numbers. Sorry, the
Copy Center does not accept Sparty Cash or e-tokens in payment.
Copy Center Black and White options
 Black and white ‘letter’ 8.5” x 11” double-sided ($0.05 per side)
 Black and white ‘letter’ 8.5” x 11” single-sided ($0.05 per sheet)
 Black and white ‘legal’ 8.5” x 14” double-sided ($.05 per side)
 Black and white ‘legal’ 8.5” x 14” single-sided ($.05 per sheet)
 Black and white ‘ledger’ 11” x 17” double-sided ($.10 per side)
 Black and white ‘ledger’ 11” x 17” single-sided ($.10 per sheet)
Copy Center Color options
 Color ‘letter’ 8.5” x 11” double-sided ($0.40 per side)
 Color ‘letter’ 8.5’ x 11” single-sided ($0.40 per sheet)
 Color ‘legal’ 8.5” x 14” double-sided ($0.40 per side)
 Color ‘legal’ 8.5” x 14” single-sided ($0.40 per sheet)
More ……
Color ‘ledger’ 11” x 17” double-sided ($0.80 per side)
Color ‘ledger’ 11” x 17” single-sided ($0.80 per sheet)
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