2x1 / 4x1 HDMI/HDTV Switch
HDS-21R / 41R
The World’s Best 2x1 / 4x1 HDMI/HDTV Switch
Owner’s Manual
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Each HDS-21/41R HDMI Switch package includes the following items:
PureLink’s HDS-21/41R HDMI Switch Unit x1
5V Power Supply Adapter x1
Remote Control Unit x1
User Manual x1
PureLink’s HDS-21/41R HDMI Switch allows number of digital video sources (with audio) to share
one video display (with audio).
Our unique switch allows easy switching between different digital video sources (with audio) with
remote control unit and/or with a manual toggle button in front and/or via RS232 port.
It is perfect for home theater systems. No more hassles of manually plugging in different HDMI
connectors to view different video sources (e.g., DVD, Satellite receiver, computer, TiVo).
Model Name
HDS-21R / HDS-41R
Input Signal
HDMI Single Link , 2 Port / 4 Port for HDS-41R
Output Signal
HDMI (TMDS ) Single Link
480i, 480p , 720i, 720p , 1080i, 1080p
DC Power Jack x 1
HDMI output x 1
HDMI input x 2
HDCP Support
HDCP Compliant
Power Consumption
DC +5V , 2W Max
6.7 X 4.75 X 1.2 Inches / W 9 x D 4.1 x H 1.2 inches
Environmental and Reliability Specifications
1. Operating Conditions
Temperature: 10℃~ 40℃
Humidity: 10% ~ 80%, non-condensing
2. Transportation Conditions
Temperature: -25℃~ 60℃
Humidity: 5% ~ 95%, non-condensing
Altitude: maximum 15,000m
3. Storage Conditions
Temperature: -20℃~ 45℃
Humidity: 5% ~ 95%, non-condensing
Altitude: maximum 3,000m
4. Reliability Specifications
MTBF: more than 50,000 hours at 90% confidence level
Main Features
High Quality Picture - No Signal Loss and Digital Noise Free
HDS-21R is built to deliver the highest quality picture preserving the native resolutions of the video sources
(with audio) without any signal loss. At the same time, the digital noises that may affect the picture quality will
be eliminated. Due to the nature of the digital signals and passing through multiple stages of connection when
using switchers, it is important to eliminate the digital noises and boost the signal strength to preserve/enhance
the video & audio signal quality.
Compact and Practical Design
HDS-21/41R has all of the HDMI ports, power supply jack and RS232 port in the back of the unit allowing it be
mounted on any racks or with any other components. In the front, there will be a remote control sensor,
selector switch, RS232 LED indicators and channel indicators.
Remote Control Unit with Discreet Channel selections
Remote Control Units with discreet channel selection feature is included in all our switches. The channel
buttons on the remote control unit will allow you to change video sources easily and quickly.
RS232 Control
Our switches also feature RS232 Control. Our switches are capable of being controlled by a remote computer.
This is extremely helpful for many applications where you need to automatically switch the video inputs.
Example: If you connect a PC to our switcher, you can program it to automatically switch the sources. If you
want to display input 1 for 1 hour and then switch to input 2, you can do this with the PC. The RS232 LED
indicators in the front will allow you to check the communication between the PC and the switch. Most other
products require additional control box for this function.
HDMI Connection Instruction
1. Connect your video source’s HDMI output port to the HDMI switch’s HDMI input port using
standard HDMI cables (not included). Make sure all your HDMI sources and the display is
turned off before connecting the cables)
2. Connect your HDMI display’s HDMI input port to HDMI switch’s HDMI output port. Make
sure your HDMI display is turned off before connecting the cables)
3. Plug the 5V power supply into the switch’s power input port.
4. Plug the 5V wall mount power supply into the wall outlet.
5. Turn on your display.
6. Turn on your video sources.
7. Use your remote control unit to switch channels. Or use the select button on the front panel
of the switch to change channels.
RS232 connection allows the user to interface the PureLink switch with a serial port on a computer
or other control device. The computer or other control device may require additional software for
various control functions. (Control software not included)
* Please refer to RS232 connection diagram before installation.
Baud Rate: 9600bps
Pin Assignments;
Control computer's RS232 pin# 2 is connected to our DVI switch's pin#3
Control computer's RS232 pin# 3 is connected to our DVI switch's pin#2
Control Protocol;
Channel 1 request is ascii code "@001*" and the response back to the computer is "!"
Channel 2 request is ascii code "@002*" and the response back to the computer is "!"
Channel 3 request is ascii code "@003*" and the response back to the computer is "!"
Channel 4 request is ascii code "@004*" and the response back to the computer is "!"
RS232 Connection Diagram
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions: L 9 x W 4.1 x H 1.2 inches
DC 5V: DC Power 5V Input
RS-232: Com Port for Switch Function Control
HDMI IN CH1 & 2:
HDMI Inputs
*HDMI IN CH1,2,3,4: HDMI Inputs for HDS-41R*
HDMI Output
Selected Channel Indication
IR Sensor
Manual Channel Toggle Button
Technical Specification
Frequency bandwidth: 1.65 Gbps (Single Link)
Supporting Graphic Resolution: Computers up to UXGA (1600 X 1200 at up to 75Hz)
AV equipments up to 1080p (1920 X 1080 at up to 60Hz)
Inputs: HDMI Female port(x2) (* 2 ports if HDS-41R)
Output: HDMI Female port(x1)
Power supply: DC 5V, 1.2A Adapter included.
Infrared Remote Control Included
HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) Compliant: Both the video source and the video
display must be HDCP compliant
Connector Pin Assignments
HDMI port
HDMI 19pin
Pin No.
TMDS DATA 2 Shield
TMDS DATA 1 Shield
TMDS DATA 0 Shield
TMDS Clock P
TMDS Clock Shield
TMDS Clock M
DDC Clock
Hot Plug Detect
Warranty Information
Two Year Warranty
Dtrovision warrants that this HDS-21R / HDS-41R HDMI Switch to be free from defects in
workmanship and materials, under normal use and service, for a period of two (2) year from the
date of purchase from Dtrovision or its authorized resellers.
If a product does not work as warranted during the applicable warranty period, Dtrovision shall, at
its option and expense, repair the defective product or part, deliver to customer an equivalent
product or part to replace the defective item, or refund to customer the purchase price paid for the
defective product. Dtrovision shall not be responsible for applicable freights.
All products that are replaced will become the property of Dtrovision.
Replacement products may be new or reconditioned.
Any replaced or repaired product or part has a ninety (90) day warranty or the reminder of the initial
warranty period, whichever is longer.
Dtrovision shall not be responsible for any software, firmware, information, or memory data of
customer contained in, stored on, or integrated with any products returned to Dtrovision for repair
under warranty or not.
Warranty Limitation and Exclusion
Dtrovision shall have no further obligation under the foregoing limited warranty if the product has
been damaged due to abuse, misuse, neglect, accident, unusual physical or electrical stress,
unauthorized modifications, tampering, alterations, or service other than by Dtrovision or its
authorized agents, causes other than from ordinary use or failure to properly use the Product in the
application for which said Product is intended.
Switch will not operate
Make sure the 5V power is plugged in the back of the unit.
Check to see if the power LED light is on.
No picture(or signal)
1. In case your video source is HDCP enabled, make sure your video
or Poor picture
display (HDTV) is HDCP compliant.
2. If you are using copper based HDMI cable, overall length of the
cables (length of the cables from video source to switch and length of
the cable from switch to display) should not exceed 20ft. Exceeding
20ft. with copper based cables will result in no or poor picture quality.
To extend beyond 20ft, please use fiber optical HDMI extension
cables such as Dtrovision Model OC cables.
3. Use high quality HDMI cables.
4. .If you are using computers, try other refresh rate settings. Most
HDTVs have refresh rate of 48Hz and computer’s video cards are
usually set at higher refresh rate. Try lower refresh rates.
5. Makes sure all HDMI connectors are tightly secured to all HDMI
6. Turn off all equipments (video source, switch and HDTV) and
restart all equipments.
Remote control unit will not
Make sure the included batteries are correctly installed.
Make sure the 5V power is plugged in the back of the unit.
Check to see if the power LED light is on.
Try rebooting the switch by unplugging and re-plugging in the AC plug
of the 5V power adapter.
Programming Universal Remote
Our remote control units use unique codes. To program your own
universal remote control, make sure to use ”Learn” feature of your
universal remote control unit’s user manual.
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