Coraid EtherDrive SRX Datasheet.

Coraid EtherDrive SRX Datasheet.
The Coraid SRX transforms commodity hardware into efficient Ethernet block storage
appliances using standard Ethernet networking for scalable, high-performance, and
affordable storage.
Ethernet layer. Because it’s not “routed,”
Key Features and Benefits
•Compatible with 4K Advanced Format,
Coraid SRX provides the intelligence to
SAS, SSD, or SATA disks
•Turn commodity or Coraid hardware into
high performance Ethernet block storage
without TCP/IP overhead
•10x price/performance advantage over
there is no need for bulky IP, TCP, or iSCSI
layers to slow down your data.
enable simple management and RAID.
By pooling large groups of drives, Coraid
Cost Effective
makes disks appear local to your Linux,
By separating hardware from software
Windows, or VMware ESXi servers.
and using standard Ethernet, Coraid gives
Wherever you use a disk drive, you can
you the freedom to purchase hardware
use Coraid.
whatever way works best for your
Fibre Channel and iSCSI
•Unlimited scale-out storage capacity and
IOPS performance (>65,000 appliances
per network)
•Supported natively in Linux; VMware and
Windows HBAs are available
•Provides JBOD or RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, or 10
with multiple automatic global spares
•Mix SAS, SSD, and SATA disks within the
There is no need to learn complicated
networking technology like Fibre Channel.
This may mean using hardware you
Just add hardware to the Coraid SRX and
already have in your data center,
you’ll have all the performance and space
purchasing used, buying commodity
your servers need.
hardware directly from the manufacturer,
or ordering pre-assembled boxes from
Coraid or a third party familiar with your
The secret to Coraid’s performance is in
the protocol: ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE).
This lightweight, secure protocol allows
No matter where you find hardware, turn
appliance to match LUN capacity and
hardware to perform at maximum
it into high-performance Ethernet block
performance to meet the needs of any
capacity by sitting directly on top of the
storage with Coraid SRX.
application requirement
•Simplified installation, updates, and
management command set
•Free email business hours technical
assistance from Coraid engineering team
Virtual Servers
Stand Alone Servers
included with annual license; Weekend
email or 24x7 phone support available
Layer 2 Ethernet Network
Coraid SRX Storage Appliances
About Coraid
Coraid Host Bus Adapters are available for VMware and
Coraid is a brand of storage appliances developed by SouthSuite,
Windows. Linux supports AoE natively. Therefore popular Linux
the fourth company founded by Brantley Coile, inventor of the
distributions such as Red Hat or Ubuntu do not require an HBA.
PIX Firewall, Network Address Translation, and the ATA-overEthernet protocol. Coraid, now under the SouthSuite umbrella, is
developing ATA-over-Ethernet appliances for the next generation
Free email, business-hours support from the Coraid engineering
of data centers.
team is included with a yearly Coraid license. 24x7 phone
support is available at an additional fee.
Quick Specs
Disk Drives
All SSD, SAS, and SATA, including 4K Advanced Format.
Coraid is a software-only product and therefore imposes no capacity restrictions.
Storage capacity is determined by disk choice, and users can upgrade to a larger disk
capacity as they become available with no additional software cost.
JBOD or RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, or 10 with multiple automatic global spares.
Disks inside the Coraid storage appliance can be accessed individually (JBOD) or aggregated into one or more RAID LUNs.
Simple Command Line Interface (CLI) enables administrators to provision, configure, and
monitor Coraid SRX storage appliances.
Support Plans
Business hours email support included.
Optional weekend email or 24x7 phone support plans.
Contact Us
SouthSuite, Inc.
220 College Ave.
US: 1-844-461-8820
Int’nl: 0-1-706-521-3048
Suite 615
Athens, Ga. 30601
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