Your web conference

Your web conference
Quick Start
Your web conference
The easy way to enjoy sharing starts here!
With your personal Login or Web Login and Password or PIN code you can start sharing
right away from your web browser.
Start your conference
Start your web conference
1. Go to
2. On the login page, click the ‘I’m a moderator’ button
3. Type in your Login or Web Login and Password or
Moderator PIN code and click ‘Sign in’
4. You are now in the ArkadinLounge. Click ‘Start web
ArkadinAnywhere login page
Join your audio conference
Once logged into the web conference, a pop-up will invite you to select one of the
following options to join the audio conference:
Audio pop-up
-- Please call me*: enter your country and phone number and
click ‘Call me’
-- I will dial in myself: select your country and join using
the phone access number and PIN Code displayed on
your screen
-- I will join using my computer (VoIP)*: click ‘Audio
device settings’ the first time you use this option to
test your headset or microphone and speakers. Use
the softphone keypad displayed if you need to enter a
second level passcode or contact customer service.
-- I’m already dialed in: if you have dialed into the
conference, enter the synchronization code displayed
to streamline your audio and web sessions to improve
the accuracy of the participant list.
*This option will only be displayed if enabled on your account.h
Quick Start Guide
Invite participants
For the web conference, you must provide your conference participants with the
Participant Meeting link and for the audio conference, you need to provide a phone
access number and a Participant PIN Code. Do not share your Moderator PIN Code.
OPTION 1 : Before your conference
-- Use the free Instant Messaging client, AnywhereAccess, to initiate a conference. The participants
you invite will automatically access the conference without having to enter a Participant PIN Code
-- Use the Outlook®, LotusNotes® conference toolbars or the Chrome® conference extension* to create
an instant invitation prepopulated with phone access numbers, Participant PIN Code and a oneclick
access link to the web conference
-- Send a message to your participants manually including your Participant Meeting link, Phone Access
Number and your Participant PIN Code available from your Welcome Email or ArkadinLounge.
* Install the Outlook®, LotusNotes® conference toolbars or the Chrome® conference
extension: the Arkadin conference toolbars are by far the easiest and smartest way to
send invitations and join conferences. Download AnywhereAccess now, free of charge, at
Download the toolbars now; from ArkadinLounge ( for the Outlook®
and LotusNotes® conference toolbars or for the Chrome conference extension, go to the Chrome
Web Store, enter «Arkadin» and download the extension.
If your company does not authorize downloads, please contact your IS administrator.
Manage your conference
Moderator tools
Re-open the Audio Pop-up
Mute all attendees or your own line
Switch to full screen mode for either
yourself or your attendees
Place all attendees on musical hold
hat to moderators / presenters /all
Share and view webcams
Advanced moderator controls:
Lock conference access
Assign a billing code
Manage audio Q&A
Transfer a file
Set participant privileges
Access address book
Manage entry & exit tone
Open softphone keypad (VoIP)*
Configure social networks
*This option will only be displayed if available on your account
Attendees list
Place your cursor over an attendee’s name to display the control options:
OPTION 2 : During your conference
-- In the ‘Instant Invitation’ section, click ‘Invite by email’ and select one of these options:
– Send a quick invitation by simply typing in the email addresses of your participants
– Or Open your email program to send a personalized invitation
– Or Copy a direct URL and paste it into your email or chat message
Share visual contents
Once logged into your conference as a moderator, the welcome page offers you 3 convenient options to
share visual content with your participants:
our entire screen: to simultaneously share your entire desktop with all participants. If you are
using an extended desktop on a PC, select the screen to be shared..
Some of your applications: select any of your active applications to share with your audience
A document as a slideshow: select from your content bank, upload a document from your computer
or insert a whiteboard. Accepted formats: doc(x), gif, jpg, pdf, pps, ppt(x), txt, xls(x)
Add video
Check that your webcam is connected.
Click the webcam button** in the Moderator Tools
menu to open up the Video panel
Click the camera button on the Video screen to
share your webcam
3. To pause or stop your webcam or to increase your video
screen to full size use the buttons on the video screen
* If this button is not available, please contact your administrator
View the Social Network contact card of the attendees
Chat with the participant
Transfer a file to the participant
Rename the participant
Promote the participant as presenter
Add the participant to your address book
Disconnect the participant from the meeting
Click on ‘CONSOLE’ to switch to the advanced audio control
interface and display participants’ phone numbers. Click on the
‘Back to standard view’ button to exit
-- Click on this icon to start the synchronized audio and web recording. A pulsing icon appears in the
bottom right hand corner when the conference is being recorded
-- You can pause or stop the recording at any time
-- To access your recording, go to the ArkadinLounge portal. You can download it as a WMV or MP3 file
or distribute the link
-- Chat boxes appear at the bottom of the screen. You can have several chat boxes active
-Click the icon to clear the conversation or save it as a HTML or text file
Quit the conference
-- C
lick ‘Quit the conference’ to exit: you can leave without ending the meeting or close the meeting to
disconnect all the participants
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