Rescue your Budget!

Rescue your Budget!
Rescue your Budget!
Model K-911
Professional VHF or UHF, Y 2013 FCC Compliant
128 Channel Keypad Field Programmable Radio
with 2/5 Tone Pager, wired/wireless cloning
K&A has been bringing People, Products and
Technology together since 1979.
A Company owned by First Responders, the K-911
Radio was developed based on End Use Customer
feedback, adding new functions to the baseline
P-1000 series radio:
• Wired/Wireless Cloning
• 12 Battery AA Clamshell
• Remote Stun, Kill
• Call Phone Book with Sel-Call
...and more
Fully configurable, the K-911is an essential tool for
any organization because of its unique versatility.
Whatever your need or profession, its MIL-SPEC
standard structure meets the most demanding of
applications and environments: Public Safety, First
Response, Search and Rescue, Homeland Security,
Logistics, and more.
With its many features it may be tailored to meet any
customer need and provide reliable and clear communications in any environment or application.
2 Year Warranty*
*1 year on battery
How Does Your Radio Compare?
ADVANCED FEATURES at an unprecedented low cost:
Shown with
• Back-lit Dot Matrix Display: Shows radio and channel status and allows for
user interface with many of the radio features
• Front Keypad or Software Programmable
• Radio may be cloned or wirelessly or by cloning cable
• Embedded Radio Information/Multiple Password Protection: Protects privacy and prevents unauthorized cloning or reading of radio data or access
to radio features and programming information
• Up to 16 2/5 tone calls may be decoded on a Single Channel: When a call
is decoded and received, various actions such a tone alert, answer back,
radio stun (if the radio was stolen), LED indication may be activated. Even a
missed call or call transfer (alert) is available.
• Flexible Scanning: 16 individual scan lists may be created. Auto Scan and
Priority Scan features are standard. Call Back automatically switches the
transceiver to the channel that has received a page or call rather than having the User manually select the channel that was active. If a call was not
answered, the radio may rebroadcast the page or call to another user.
• English plain language audible channel annunciation
• Lone Worker/Man Down Alarm
• Premium Audio: 1 Watt output with audio expander circuit improves audio
quality when used in narrow band mode.
• Voice Scrambler/Mid Level Encryption
• VOX Hands free transmission with earphone/speaker mic handset
• IP-54 Water resistant/Multi-pin accessory connector with auxiliary power
output for devices such as Infinity GPS LCD Speaker Microphone
• 7 User Defined keys may be programmed: Example: Scan, PL Off, Monitor,
Jump to Main Channel, Repeater Talk-around, etc.
6 Battery Bank Charger
100-240 VAC Input
(or 12 VDC w/ CHG-12)
1700 mAH
12 AA Batt
Not pictured:
• ANT-T-V VHF Telescopic
gain antenna
• ANT-T-U UHF Telescopic gain
• CHG-12VDC Cigarette lighter
plug accessory for
• MIC-7C Throat mic
• MIC-25 Noise Cancelling
HeadSet Boom Mic
• PG-6 Cloning Cable
• PG-8 Programming cable w/S/W
6810 N Broadway, Suite B,, Denver, Colorado USA 80221
Owned by SAR Team Members,
Bringing People, Products and
Technology Together since 1979
tel: 303.263.6353 fax: 303.862.7170
© 2009 K&A Specifications subject to change without notice
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