Caution - Before drilling any holes in walls or orther surfaces, check the location of any piping or electrical cabling.
- Ensure you check the wall and hanging hook are appropriate for the weight of the product.
- We recommend two people to install heavy or larger items.
- It in doubt consult a professional trader person.
The radio controlled mechanism fitted to your clock has a built in receiver which is tuned to the National Physical
Laboratory (NPL) radio signal, called MSF, which is transmitted from the Anthorn radio station in Cumbria. The MSF signal
is broadcast on a frequency of 60khz and carries a time and date code that radio controlled clocks use to set themselves
to the correct time. The time signal received is controlled by cesium atomic clocks and is accurate to within one second
every 1000 years.
Interruption to the MSF signal
The Anthorn transmitter is periodically shut down for scheduled maintenance resulting in no signal being transmitted.
For dates of the schedule maintenance visit http://www.npl.co.uk/science-technology/time-frequency/time/
products-and-services/msf-outages or call the NPL MSF recorded message on (0)20 8943 6493.
MSF reception difficulties
Like any receiver your clock needs a good signal to work properly. The main causes of reception failure are...
- Atmospheric and local interferences.
- Interference from electrical equipment e.g. T.V, computers or radios within 2 meters of the clock.
- Location of the clocks internal receiver within the building.
- Reduced local signal due to steel framed structure. Reduced signal due to interference problems in your house or building.
- Outside the normal transmission radius.
Problem - The clock will not receive Radio Controlled signal and will not set to the correct time.
Solution - Check the batteries are new and in good condition.
- Check that the batteries are inserted correctly.
- Try rotating the clock as the internal receiver that picks up the signal is most effective when it is facing directly towards
or away from Anthorn.
- Try moving your clock to a new location away from any electrical equipment, e.g. T.V. computers or radios.
- Remove the batteries and insert the batteries again after 5.30pm. Due to local interference the signal is stronger
between midnight and 5am.
- Manual set (see page 1).
Problem - Your clock chimes incorrectly.
Solution - Change the batteries and reset your clock following the instructions on page 1.
Problem - Your clock will not chime.
Solution - Change the batteries and reset your clock following the instructions on page 1.
Problem - The clock loses time.
Solution - Insert a new battery and reset the clock following the instructions on page 1.
Problem - What do I need to do when the clocks change for Summer/Winter time?
Solution - Nothing!
- The clock will automatically switch to the correct time when the time signal is received. The chime movement
will then adjust automatically to the correct Chime sequence when the minute hand reaches at 12 o'clock position.
Problem - Your clock pendulum will not swing or stops swinging.
Solution - Check that the clock is vertical and flat against the wall. Replace the batteries.
It is recommended that you replace the batteries annually even if the product is still running. Only use 4 X AA (1.5V) Alkaline
batteries in this clock. Do not mix old and new batteries, different types or brands. Remove the batteries if the clock is stored or not
in use. Remove exhausted batteries from the product. Warning: Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
Please dispose of used batteries in a responsible manner. For more information please contact your local authority.
A soft cloth may be used to clean your clock. Do not use any corrosive cleaner or chemical solutions on the clock. Keep the clock
clean and dry to avoid any problems.
Your clock is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against any faults arising from defective materials or
manufacture. Damage caused through careless handling, misuse or in transit is expressly excluded. Should this clock fail within
12 months please return it in the first instance to your retailer.
If you hav e any queries , problems or do not understand any par t of these instructions please contact:
Customer Help Line (01908) 449208 or Locall 0845 1207208 Mon - Fri 9am-4.30pm
email for service: [email protected] or visit www.acctim.com
Envir onmental Protection
Disposal of electrical & electronic equipment.
Do not dispose of this product with household waste. For the proper treatment, recovery and recycling please take this
product to the appropriate collection point. If you are unsure of where this is contact your local authority. Improper
disposal may be harmful to the environment.
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