DL Series iPad Tray Kit Installation Instructions

DL Series iPad Tray Kit Installation Instructions
DL Series iPad Tray Kit Installation Instructions
The contents of this kit allow you to replace the iPad Air tray insert currently installed on the DL806 or DL1608 mixer
with an iPad 4 tray insert OR add rail strips to the iPad Air tray if using an iPad Air 2. Before installing, ensure that you
have the right iPad, docking connector and tray insert for your combination. See the iPad to DL Compatibility Matrix
for the latest information: http://www.mackie.com/products/dlseries/specs
Please first read these instructions carefully to ensure you feel capable of completing the described tasks. Failure
to follow the exact instructions in this document may result in personal injury or damage to the DL806, DL1608, iPad,
or contents of the kit and may void the warranty, as well.
Web: http://www.mackie.com/support
Email: techmail@loudtechinc.com
Phone: 425-487-4333
Toll-free: 800-898-3211
iPad Tray Installation
Your DL Series mixer ships with two iPad trays. If using
an iPad Air, there is nothing to do; you’re all set and ready
to go! Save all of these goodies in a safe place in case you
need them some day.
If using an iPad Air 2, follow the instructions starting
2. Doing your best to not touch any part of the adhesive,
remove the adhesive backing paper of one of the iPad Air 2
rail strips.
3. With the adhesive side facing the tray insert, line up,
angle and place the first rail strip butted up next to the tray
insert’s rail, as shown below.
If using an iPad 4th generation, follow the instructions on
the following page.
Required Tools (not included):
Phillips screwdriver
Isopropyl alcohol [if adding iPad Air 2 rail strips]
Clean, dry cloth [if adding iPad Air 2 rail strips]
Getting Started
Before doing anything else...
• Turn off the mixer.
• Disconnect all cords.
• Remove mixer from the rack (if applicable).
• Place the mixer on a soft and dry flat surface.
4. Keeping the rail strip butted up next to the tray insert’s
rail, continue to apply pressure while pushing the rail strip
down against the tray insert until the adhesive sticks.
Using an iPad Air 2
If using an iPad Air 2, please thoroughly wash and dry your
hands first and continue on with the instructions below.
1. Add isopropyl alcohol to the clean, dry cloth
and use it to wipe down the iPad Air tray insert next
to the rails (between the dotted lines) as displayed
below. Let dry thoroughly.
5. Using a round, non-marking object, – the body of a pen
or pencil, for example – apply pressure to the entire length
of the rail strip for approximately 20-30 seconds.
6. Follow steps 2-5 above for the second adhesive rail strip.
7. It takes approximately 24 hours for the adhesive
to fully set, but you can use the DL mixer right away.
Using an iPad 4th Generation
If using an iPad 4th Generation, you will have
to swap tray inserts. Here’s how:
4. Place the screws back into the DL mixer from where
they were removed. Screw them into place, but do not
overtighten. If the iPad fit is too tight, loosen all four
screws, then tighten the ones closest to the connector first.
1. Remove the four screws holding the tray insert
to the mixer, as shown in the illustration below.
Keep the screws in a safe place as you will use them again.
5. To use the PadLock™ with the iPad 4th Generation,
you will need to remove the two nylon washers from each
PadLock screw. Put the driver into the screw head and use
it to hold the screw from rotating. With minimal pressure
applied, rotate the washer with your fingers until it is
completely removed. Repeat the process for both washers.
Keep them in a safe place in case you need to use them
2. Remove the iPad Air tray insert from the mixer and save
it somewhere safe! You might need to use it again some day.
Tray Insert
3. Slide the iPad 4 tray insert on top of the mixer,
making sure to line up the sides and the screw holes.
Tray Insert
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