Navigon 1300

Navigon 1300
NAVIGON 13 Series
Reality View Light
Clever Parking
Lane Assistant Pro
Safety Camera
POI Click
Lane Assistant Pro
Whatever kind of driver you are, NAVIGON MyRoutes recommends
the best route every time, adapted to your personal driving style, the
day of the week and the time of day.
In addition, your NAVIGON also displays up to two further possible
routes, providing a clear choice. You decide whether you follow
the recommended route or take one of the alternatives.
helps you to make your way through even the most hectic traffic
situations. It provides you with a clear look ahead, showing
you whether you need to change lanes for this turn and also for
the next.
Reality View Light/Reality View Pro
provides you with prompt audio and visual warnings when you
are approaching fixed camera locations.
shows roads not as lines, but realistically, with asphalt
and road markings and signs. This makes it easier for you to
maintain an overview of motorway junctions and exits
(Reality View Light: exits only).
Clever Parking
Safety Camera
POI Click
allows you to click and select a point of interest (POI) on the map
such as petrol stations or tourist attractions. In addition, it provides
essential information such as addresses, opening hours and
telephone numbers. You can also choose to be taken there directly.
helps you to find a parking spot. Clever Parking displays nearby
parking areas shortly before reaching your destination. You’ll be able
to avoid lengthy searches and just drive directly to a parking area.
Important notes
Technical data
Country Maps
(UK, Republic
of Ireland)
3.5" touchscreen in 4 : 3 format
SirF Atlas III + Instant Fix II
Operating System:
Windows CE
512 MB Flash / 64 MB RAM
Atlas III (375MHz)
740 mAh Lithium battery
122 g
95 mm x 72 mm x 17 mm
Scope of delivery
PNA – 1300 | Quick Installation Guide | Car Charger | Car Holder
Preinstalled map material | USB Cable
More information is available at
Product features vary with regard to availability and costs.
These are dependent on the region and country.
PC system requirements: Windows XP/ Vista, CD-ROM drive,
USB port and (micro)SD/MMC card reader (recommended),
Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0
Languages: B, CZ, D, DK, E, F, FIN, GR, H, I, LT, N, NL, P, PL, RO, RUS,
S, SLO, TR, UK and USA.
In some countries (CH, FL) Safety Camera is not permitted.
Please find out about the legal situation in the countries you
are travelling in.
Should you have any questions, please refer to our website under Support.
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