IGA ODP 200 Printer
Fast and fabulous, high resolution
6- ink colour printing on CD/DVD
The IGA Manufacturers Association introduces the ODP 200,
a high professional working tool for industrial CD/DVD print
applications and environments. The ODP 200 is available as a
cost-effective stand-alone desktop unit or in-line with the IGA
CD/DVD Duplication Systems.
Photo-Realistic Images on CDs and DVDs
The ODP 200 is based on the most advanced Hewlett Packard thermal
inkjet technology available today. Its professional performance is
reflected especially when printing photo images up to 4800 dpi.
When printing text or graphics the ODP convinces you with speed.
Sharpness also for fonts, eye-popping colours and smooth colour
gradients characterize medias printed with the ODP 200.
Fast and Affordable Production
IGA’s ODP 200 Printer incorporates HP‘s unique PhotoREt IV color-
layering technology and the ColorSmart III color optimisation
technology. Due to this the ODP 200 offers an ink droplet size of only
3 pico-liter. Each drop is placed fast and most precise. Further benefit
is the economical aspect of the lowered ink consumption and the
faster drying time. Together with the new six-ink colour capacity the
ODP 200 guarantees realistic photo images, vivid colour output, and
extremely sharp text printed on all types of inkjet media. Beside the
standard colour cartridge with 3 colours (Y/M/C) an optional Photo
Cartridge (LM/LC/B) all dye based, is available for the ODP 200.
Most reliable Production through constant R&D
During an inkjet printing process aerosol debris enriched with colour
particles arises. This may cause failure of the electronic and reduces
the lifetime of wear and tear. Through IGA’s constant R&D the ODP
200 comes with an exhausting system to suck off colour mist during
the printing. ODP 200 - For your best Image !
ODP 200 In-Line Operation
Integrated in an IGA CD/DVD Duplicator you get an all-in one disc
publishing system with the most advanced label printer available
today. IGA’s solid and reliable disc robotics retrieve and stacks discs
from the input bin to recording, printing and to the output bin
without operator intervention. The ODP 200 can be adapted to all IGA
disc duplicating systems.
IGA Delta 3 all-in-one Disc Publisher
IGA ODP 200 Printer
Specifications ODP 200
Print Technology
Thermal Inkjet Printing
Printing Resolution
Up to 4800 dpi (driver selectable)
Print Driver
Windows 2000 and XP
Droplet Size
3 pl (pico-liter)
Media Types
Standard inkjet printable surface CD-R/DVD-R
Print Modes
Standard, Premium, Photo (Normal, best,
max. dpi)
Ink Cartridges
Black, 19 ml
Order Code (2016656B)
Tri-color , 17 ml
Order Code (2016657C)
Photo, 17 ml
Order Code (2016658P)
Technical Data
Dimensions (W x H x D)
449 mm x 145 mm x 370 mm
Net weight
5,3 kg
Electrical Specification
Input voltage
100 V to 240 V / 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Power consumption
2 W max when off,
4 W average when idle ,
30 W average when printing
USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)
Basic Warranty
One year limited
Made in Europe
Specifications are subject to change. 11/2004
IGA Manufacturers Association
Authorized IGA Distributor
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