Big Screen Entertainment
Big Screen Entertainment
Lights on viewing – 3200 ANSI Lumens
Easy connectivity - 2x HDMI and MHL support and built-in 10W speaker
Amazing colour - accurate Rec.709 colours
Lightweight and portable
Convenient and easy to setup the bright and versatile HD27 boasts Amazing colour technology and conforms to Rec.709 delivering accurate true to
life colour reproduction. This small projector is ideal for watching live sport, TV shows or movies any time of day on a big screen. You can even
connect your games console and play games on it with its low input latency.
An integrated speaker provides you with great sound and two HDMI inputs enables an easy setup. Perfect for connecting a laptop, PC, Blu-ray
player, media streamer or games console. You can even turn it into a smart projector by connecting a HDMI dongle like the HDCast Pro (sold
separately), Google Chromecast™, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV™ to play games, stream videos and share photos on the big screen in the comfort
of your own home.
Weighing less than 2.5kg you can take it round to a friend’s house with the optional carry bag for a sports event, movie night or games marathon for
the best big screen experience anywhere with a flat surface.
Full HD 1080p
1080p resolution gives you sharp and
detailed images from HD content without
downscaling or compression; perfect for
watching Blu-ray movies, HD
broadcasting and playing video games.
Quick resume
This feature allows the projector to be instantly powered on again, if it
is accidentally switched off.
Auto power off
There may be instances when the projector is left running when not in
use. To help save energy, the "Auto Power Off" feature automatically
turns off the projector after a set period of time if it is not being used
USB power
Use the USB-Power to power an HDMI dongle, such as Google
Dynamic Black technology
Smart projector
Turn your projector into a smart display by connecting the HDCast
Pro (sold separately) and stream videos, music and share photos on
the big screen using your smartphone or tablet.
This feature gives more depth to your image by smoothly adjusting
the lamp output, based on the brightness information of each frame;
to create a stunning high contrast ratio. Bright scenes appear crisp
and clear, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks and
exceptional light and shade detail.
Turn your projector into a smart display by connecting your
smartphone or tablet with a single cable using MHL; now you can
view presentations and documents, stream videos and share photos
on the big screen. You can even use MHL to connect and power the
HDCast Pro (sold separately).
Integrated speaker
Complete your home entertainment experience with the convenience
of a powerful built-in speaker. Built-in speakers provide exceptional
sound quality and are easy to set up without the need for costly
external speakers.
Full 3D
Optoma projectors can display true 3D content from almost any 3D
source, including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting and the latest
generation games consoles.
ISF modes
This feature allows you to save your calibrated day and night mode
settings for the highest possible viewing experience.
Stream Full 1080p 3D content to your projector wirelessly; eliminating
the hassle and extra cost of installing long cables, the WHD200 (sold
separately) allows you to connect a Blu-ray™ player, set-top box,
gaming console or AV receiver instantly.
Gaming mode
Gaming mode optimises your projector for lightning response times,
maximum contrast and vivid colours to capture every detail - leaving
you time to focus on winning.
Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second (fps). To preserve the
purity of the original image, Optoma projectors can accept high
definition sources at 24 fps to display movies exactly as the director
Amazing colour
Geef presentaties, trainingen, of geef
les met oogverblindende kleuren.
Optoma projectoren geven levensechte
kleuren weer, die elke vorm van content
in iedere toepassing nog mooier
maken. Van accurate sRGB kleuren
voor real live beelden tot spetterende
presentaties. Optoma heeft een
display-instelling voor iedere
Learn more about Optoma's Amazing Colour
Resolutie (native)
Single 0.65” 1080p DC2 DMD chip DLP® Technology by Texas Instruments
1080p 1920 x 1080
Brightness1 (Bright Mode)
3200 ANSI Lumens
Lamp Life2 Dynamic/Eco/Bright
Throw ratio
Zoom Type
Keystone correctie
Afmetingen (B x D x H) (mm)
Grootte projectiescherm
Maximale resolutie
8000/6000/5000 (hrs)
Horizontale scansnelheid
Verticale scansnelheid
Lamp Type
On Screen Display
Standaard accessoires
Optionele accessoires
Optional Wireless
1.48 - 1.62:1
1.1x Manual
2x HDMI (1.4a 3D support) + MHL v2.1, Audio Out 3.5mm, 12V trigger, 3D-Sync, USB-A Power (1A)
± 40° Vertical
298 x 230 x 96.5
16:9 Native, 4:3 Compatible
0.71 - 7.75m (27.88" - 305.3") Diagonal 16:9
1 - 10m
F/2.5~2.67; f=21.86~24mm
Full HD 1920 x 1080
PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N, 576i/p), NTSC (M, 4.43/3.58 MHz, 480i/p), SECAM (B, D, G, K, K1, L) HD (1080i, 720p)
Full 3D - The 3D features of Optoma projectors can only be used with compatible 3D content. Typical applications include use
with 3D educational or 3D design and modelling systems. 3D TV broadcast systems, (SKY in the UK), Blu-ray 3D™ and 3D
games from the Sony® PS3 or Microsoft® Xbox 360 are now supported as part of the HDMI v1.4a specification.
Side-by-Side:1080i50 / 60, 720p50 / 60
Frame-pack: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60
Over-Under: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60
15 - 91kHz
25 - 85Hz (120Hz for 3D)
1073.4 Million
100-240V, 50-60Hz
230W Bright mode / 192W Eco mode (< 0.5W Standby)
5°C - 40°C, Max. Humidity 85%, Max. Altitude 3000m
Security bar, Kensington lock, password protection
26 Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian/Danish, Polish, Russian,
Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Czech, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Farsi,
Vietnamese, Romanian, Indonesian
AC power cord, remote control, 2x AA batteries, quick start card, CD user manual
3D glasses, wireless, ceiling mount
Optoma Europe Ltd.
42 Caxton Way, Watford Business Park, Watford, Hertfordshire, UK. WD18 8QZ
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