Getting started on a PC with a MacGAMUT CD

Getting started on a PC with a MacGAMUT CD
Getting started
on a Windows computer with
your MacGAMUT 6 disc
These step-by-step instructions will get you started on any Windows computer,
assuming you have your own Registration Number, which you’ll find printed on
the Getting Started folder inside your MacGAMUT 6 CD case.
Getting started with MacGAMUT 6 is EASY, but it's still a good idea to follow
these printed instructions as you proceed step by step, marking off each step as
you complete it.
Follow these steps to install MacGAMUT 6 from your disc:
1. If your Windows computer isn't already on, start it up. Put your MacGAMUT 6
CD in the disc drive and wait for the computer to recognize it.
2. Install MacGAMUT 6 software and files from your CD:
a. From your computer's desktop or Start menu, double-click Computer.
b. Double-click the MacGAMUT 6 CD to open it.
c. Double-click the MacGAMUT Installer Folder to open it.
d. Double-click setup.exe (the setup icon that looks like tiny white sailboats
on a blue sea), and follow the instructions to install MacGAMUT 6.
e. If you are installing MacGAMUT 6 for the first time, you will need to restart
your computer after the installation process is finished.
f. The program installs in a folder labeled MacGAMUT 6. In Windows 8, you
can tap or click a MacGAMUT 6 tile. In Windows 7 and earlier, select
from the MacGAMUT 6 folder under All Programs in the Start menu.
g. You’ll find the Text Files and Video Tutorials inside the MacGAMUT
Work Folder installed in your computer’s Documents folder. This is also
the best place to save your startMG6.mgs file and any custom presets or
dictation library files your instructor may give you.
3. If you have not yet registered using the Registration Number printed on the
Getting Started folder inside your CD case to receive your own personal
startMG6.mgs file, go to to register now.
a. Click the Register link on the left-hand side of the screen to get started,
and follow the step-by-step registration procedure.
b. Your personal startMG6.mgs file will be generated automatically, and you
can download it directly from the “Registration complete!” page. Just
right-click the link and select “save,” “save target as,” “save as,” or
“download linked file as,” depending on your browser. To make it easy to
find your startMG6.mgs file whenever you want to work on MacGAMUT,
save it in the MacGAMUT Work Folder installed in your computer’s
Documents folder.
c. Please read the important info included on that “Registration Complete!”
page. If a software update is available, for instance, there will be a link to
the Installers page where you can download and install the latest updated
Web Installer. Even if you are not registering on your own computer, you
can still download and save the Web Installer so you can install it later on
your own computer. Keep in mind that if you keep your MacGAMUT
software up to date, you’re much less likely to run into possible bugs in the
4. The quickest way to start MacGAMUT is by simply double-clicking the
startMG6.mgs file you’ve saved in your MacGAMUT Work Folder.
5. After the colorful opening screen, the Check Name and Presets screen asks
you to verify that the file you’ve opened is really your own startMG6.mgs file.
This screen also includes the date you last used MacGAMUT. The first time
you use your new startMG6.mgs file, "new file" will appear in place of the
date. Get in the habit of double-checking that “date last opened” to be sure
you are opening the same file you used last time rather than an older
BACKUP version which does not include records of your most recent work.
6. From this point, you can begin working on MacGAMUT 6. If you want some
pointers about how to keep track of your startMG6.mgs file so you don’t risk
losing credit for the work you’ve done, or if you’d like some help getting
started using the software quickly and easily, watch the two videos in the
Video Tutorials folder inside the MacGAMUT Work Folder installed in your
computer’s Documents folder. If you have any difficulties or questions as
you work on MacGAMUT, the answers are probably in the on-screen Help
menu at the top of every exercise screen. If you need more information than
you find under Help, check out the User Guide 6 file you’ll find in the Text
Files folder inside the MacGAMUT Work Folder installed in your computer’s
Documents folder.
7. At the end of every session on MacGAMUT 6, it's a good idea to make a
back-up copy of your startMG6.mgs file, just to be safe. Every time you quit
work on MacGAMUT, the software invites you to make a back-up copy and
even suggests a name which includes the current date. It’s always a good
idea to keep a back-up copy of your startMG6.mgs file on a different drive
than your working startMG6.mgs file. That way, if you happen to lose your
working file, you’ve still got the back-up copy.
8. The next time you use MacGAMUT 6, getting started will be much easier.
You’ll already have your startMG6.mgs, so you won’t have to register again.
And you’ll only have to reinstall the software from your CD (and any updated
Web Installer you’ve downloaded) if you are working on a computer that
doesn’t have the latest MacGAMUT software installed.
If you have followed these step-by-step instructions and are still having
difficulties, you probably haven't followed these instructions step-by-step. Go
back to the start and try again, marking off each step as you complete it. If you
still can't figure out how to get started with MacGAMUT 6, go to our Tech
Support page at where you can e-mail us with the details
of your problem or check out other possible solutions.
Note: If you’ll be using MacGAMUT 6 only on your own computer, it's best to
store your startMG6.mgs file in your MacGAMUT Work Folder in your
Documents folder on your computer’s hard drive. If you’re switching from one
computer to another, you can e-mail your file to yourself, store it on a server, or
carry it back and forth on a flash drive or other removable media. But if you plan
to e-mail your file, please see the Questions about sending files as e-mail
attachments section on the MacGAMUT FAQs page at
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