oh-netrec-software - datasheet
Network Receiver Licensed Software
OH-NetRec-Software Key features
The OH-NetRec-Software is the Osborne-Hoffman Network Receiver
Licensed Software only for customers who would prefer to install it
on their own servers.
It also offers a demo mode limited to 5 accounts which can be used
to test purpose
The Network Receiver software serves the proprietary monitoring
provider as well as the traditional or contract central station. The
receiver will monitor all alarm activity and control communication of
the CSX75 panel range (CS7050), ATS Master panel range
(ATS1806) and NetworX panel range (NX-590E)
The Network receiver software can effectively monitor up to 10,000
controls with very little bandwidth required.
Multiple receivers may be used to support the dual, split, or backup
TCP/IP reporting of the different TCP/IP Reporting modules.
The controls may also be configured to provide dial or cellular
backup reporting in the event the network is down or network
communication fails. In this case an OH2000E digital receiver can be
used or any other brand of receiver that may be in place can serve
this function.
Whether a university, large retailer, or traditional central station, the
Osborne-Hoffman Network Receiver is a powerful receiver handling
the finest and most versatile controls in the world.
Either Contact ID or SIA format is supported and all of the major
automation providers support the Osborne-Hoffman
protocol and the Sur-Gard protocol, and the user may select which
protocol to send to automation. The receiver offers a complete and
secure solution for network and Internet monitoring.
Ordering Information
Network Receiver Licensed Software
WEBIPS-EU-OH-NETREC-SOFTWARE-2010-10-16 17:47:20 - UT Fire & Security European version product might not be available nationally - www.gesecurity.eu
Java based, runs on Windows 2000
Connects over networks using Ethernet with 10BaseT/100-BaseT
Network heartbeat sent to automation for supervision
and immediate reporting
Monitors and supports 10,000 control panels
RS232 serial port to automation computer and
Ethernet connection to network
Supports SIA and Contact ID formats, both
programmable choices of CS7050/NX-590E or
ATS1806 module
Supports both OH2000E protocol & Sur-Gard protocol
on the RS232 output
Prefered Hardware: Dell Pentium 4, 1.8 Ghz, 512 MB
SDRAM, CD-Rom, Windows 2000
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