The LR4A is an easy-to-use 400 W/S strobe with an analogue control for both Flash
and Modeling Light. The LR8A is an easy-to-use 800 W/S strobe.
Setting Up
Before operating:
1. Ensure all switches and regulators are powered OFF, or in the minimum position.
2. Connect the Power cord to the Power socket.
3. Connect the Sync cord to the Sync socket.
The Control Panel
The LR4A’s functions are controlled from the back panel. In this rear view of the strobe, a
brief description of each control is listed below. See Operating Instructions on next page for
more information.
Input / Fuse
Power Cord Connection
with fuse holder
Sync socket for sync cord
or radio receiver
ON/OFF Switch
(pictured in Off position)
Flash Ready Light
Test Fire Flash
Dump Stored Charge
Activates Model Light and
audible Flash Ready
Turns Photo Cell On or
Model Light Intensity
Flash Light Intensity
1 Operating Instructions
1. Set ON/OFF Switch to the ON position to power up the strobe.
a. The READY light, will illuminate to indicate that the flash is ready to
2. Push the control buttons to activate/deactivate the functions listed below
Depress the Test button to test fire the
1. Depress the TEST button, when you change
the power setting from a high output to a
lower output.
2. This will fire the flash and
previously stored higher output.
Photo Cell
In the OUT position: the modeling light will
stay on during exposure AND the audible
alert will let you know when the Flash has
In the Depressed position: the modeling light
will shut off during exposure AND the audible
alert will be turned OFF. The flash will be
ready to fire when the model light comes
back on.
The Photo Cell (located on the top rear of
the strobe) is either ON or OFF. When
turned ON, this strobe can be fired by the
flash of another strobe.
3. Adjust the Model Light Intensity Dial to your desired power level
• From Full power to Off
4. Adjust the Flash Light Intensity Dial to your desired power level
• From Full power to 1/64 power
2 the
Change Fuse
1. Locate the fuse
compartment just below the
power plug outlet.
2. Pry open the fuse
compartment with a small
screwdriver, as shown in
the picture below.
3. Replace burned fuse with
a 250 volt, 5 amp
CSA approved fuse.
Install Modelling Light
If your modeling light is not installed,
follow the procedure below.
1. Remove protective black plastic
cover from flash housing.
2. Remove clear pyrex cover using
a soft cloth or tissue paper to
avoid leaving finger prints on
3. Install modeling as shown in
picture – using a soft cloth or
tissue paper once again.
a. Gently push modeling light
into the two horizontal
receptacles in the middle
of the flash housing.
4. Replace pyrex cover.
3 Safety Notes
This product has high a electric voltage. To avoid an electric shock, always use a
properly grounded receptacle and cord.
During normal operation, the bulbs become quite hot, and care should be exercised
when handling the unit, or changing the attachments.
Always operate the unit with the protective glass cover in place.
Always take care to ensure the power cord is safely stored during operation to avoid
being damaged, or becoming a tripping hazard.
Do not use this product in excessive moisture, or with wet hands.
When replacing the reflector, or using accessories such as snoots and barn doors,
always make sure the power switch is in the OFF position.
When transporting or storing the unit, remove any accessories such as barn doors or
reflectors and cover the bulb with the protective cover that came with the unit.
We cannot to be held responsible for electric shock or equipment damages due to
modification or repair by other unauthorized dealers. Please contact our Service
Repair Center for repairs.
For any other inquires, contact Lightrein, Inc.
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