Upgrading the HXR-NX70 firmware to Ver.3

Upgrading the HXR-NX70 firmware to Ver.3
Upgrading the HXR-NX70 firmware to Ver.3
(For Apple Computers)
Apple Computer System Requirements
[Supported OS]
• Mac OS X v.10.5 ~ 10.7
• 64-bit kernel is not supported.
• In case of v.10.7, start Mac up in 32bit mode.
[Other system requirements]
• CPU: Intel processor
• Hard disk space: 200MB or more
• RAM: 512MB or more
• USB port
Getting ready
1. When performing the firmware upgrade, please power the NX70 with an AC adaptor
model AC-L200C or AC-L200D (Supplied). “FirmwareUpdater” will not run under
battery power.
2. Do not disconnect the AC adaptor during the upgrade; otherwise, the camera may
become inoperable due to the sudden power shutdown.
3. Remove any memory card from the camera beforehand.
4. Close all software applications before upgrading the firmware
5. Utilize the USB cable supplied with the camera.
Note: Update is not guaranteed with any other USB cable.
1. Download the upgrade file
Click the below file to begin download.
Please save the downloaded file onto the Desktop of your computer (recommended).
[ File size : 47.1 MB (49,401,431 bytes) ]
2. Start up Firmware Updater
1. Double-click the downloaded file [Update_NXCAMNX70V3.dmg].
Do not connect the camera yet at this point.
2. [Update_NXCAMNX70V3.dmg] icon appears on the Desktop.
3. Double-click the [FirmwareUpdater] icon.
4. To load a kernel extension, a message prompting you to allow “FirmwareUpdater” to
make changes. Type the password for the administrative account.
5. Firmware Updater starts up.
3. Connect the camera to the computer
1. Power the Camera using the AC adapter (Do NOT power off until upgrading is complete).
2. Remove any memory card from the camera beforehand.
3. Connect the camera to the computer with the supplied USB cable.
4. Select “USB Connect” on the camera screen.
5. After confirming that “Mass Storage Connected” is displayed on the camera screen, click
[Next] on Firmware Updater.
Note: If the USB Select screen does not appear, please try the following:
• Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from the camera.
• If there are another USB connector on the computer, reconnect the USB cable to another USB connector.
USB Select
USB Connect
Mass Storage
USB Connect
Do not unplug the USB cable.
Do not turn off the power.
4. Checking installed firmware version
1. Click [Next] to check version.
2. After confirming that the current version is lower than ver. 3 on the screen, click [Next].
Current version Ver.1, Ver.2
are a target version.
5. Resetting the camera
2. Touch “OK” on the camera’s LCD screen to reset camera body, then Click
Note: Don’t push the hard “RESET” (small hole) on the camera, please just touch the OK button on the screen!
2. Click “Next” on the “FirmwareUpdater” screen to proceed.
Initialize this camera
to update firmware.
6. Start the upgrade
1. After resetting, the USB connection to the camera is automatically verfied.
2. “Run the update” screen appears on the FirmwareUpdater application.
3. Click [Run] to start the upgrade.
4. A progress bar appears while upgrading (approximately 5 minutes).
Note: Never turn off the camera or disconnect the USB cable while upgrading.
7. Complete the upgrade
1. When the update is completed, “Finish the update” screen appears.
2. Click [Finish].
3. Disconnect the USB cable and close updater application.
4. Reboot the camera by turning it OFF and ON before using it.
8. Confirm that the NX70 was successfully updated
Confirm “[HD] Simul. Rec.” exists in
“Rec/Media SET“ of MENU
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