The DCR-DVD105 records on DVD-R/

The DCR-DVD105 records on DVD-R/
DVD Handycam® Camcorder
The DCR-DVD105 records on DVD-R/-RW/+RW formats for simple playback and sharing on other
compatible DVD Media. The Color Viewfinder and Easy Handycam Button make for easy monitoring and
1/6" Advanced HAD™ CCD Imager, 680K
Pixels Gross
1/6" Advanced HAD™ (Hole Accumulation
Diode) CCD with 340K (effective) pixels
provides stunning detail and clarity with
exceptional video (up to 500 lines of
horizontal resolution) and still image
2.5" Touch Panel SwivelScreen™ LCD
Display (123K Pixels)
Provides excellent viewing clarity with
improved resolution. The high resolution
123K pixel LCD screen rotates up to 270
degrees for multiple viewing angles providing
sharp, detailed images for monitoring or
20X Optical/800X Digital Zoom
The optical zoom helps to bring the action
close up from far away. In addition the
Digital Zoom Interpolation means that
extreme digital zooming is clearer, with less
distortion than previous types of digital
SteadyShot® Picture Stabilization
Picture stabilization system that uses motion
sensors to detect and compensate for
camera “ shake” without compromising
picture quality like some other digital
stabilization systems.
Professional Quality Carl Zeiss® VarioTessar® Lens
Carl Zeiss lenses have an advanced optical
multi-layer coating that offers less glare and
flare with increased contrast. This results in
vivid image brilliance, true-to-life color
saturation and perfect renditions of subtle
InfoLithium® Battery with
AccuPower™ Meter System
Charge the battery at anytime because
unlike NiCad (Nickel Cadmium) batteries,
Sony's rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries
are not subject to a life shortening "memory
effect". Sony's exclusive AccuPower™
meter displays the battery time remaining in
minutes, in either the viewfinder or on the
LCD screen.
DVD Format Video Recording2
The DVD recording format delivers digital
picture and sound quality comparable to
that of MiniDV, but on DVD. Playback of the
DVDs couldn't be simpler. After finalizing the
disc in the camcorder, the disc can play
back in most DVD Players, computers and
even PlayStation® 2 video game consoles.
DVD-R/RW and +RW Compatible4
The DCR-DVD105 is compatible with a
variety of DVD formats allowing the easy of
use and simplicity found in DVD Media. With
DVD+RW media there is not a need to
finalize the disc (minimum recording
required). Simply remove the disc and insert
the media into a compatible DVD Player.
Manual Focus
Allows the user to manually adjust the focus
of the camcorder using the touch panel.
Manual focusing also allows the user to
control the focus in difficult situations where
either the environment or the subject does
not allow the camcorder's auto focus to
perform optimally, such as when shooting
through a window or in a crowded
Super NightShot® Plus Infrared System
With Sony's Super NightShot Infrared
System you can capture natural looking
video, even when shooting in low light.
Record subjects up to 20 feet away using
the built-in infrared system, but without the
overall monochrome color common with
earlier low-light recording systems.
Stamina® Battery Power Management
Using the optional NP-FP90 InfoLithium®
Battery, the DCR-DVD105 can continuously
record for up to 8 hours on a single full
charge, providing extra long battery life.
Picture Effects
Get creative when recording or playing back
your videos with Sony's Picture Effect
Modes. Effects available in Camera mode:
Monotone, Mosaic, Pastel and Sepia.
Effects available in Playback mode:
Monotone, Mosaic, Pastel and Sepia.
Fader Effects
Enhance your personal videos by adding
professional looking fader effects. Choose
from Black, Overlap, White and Wipe.
Program AE (Auto Exposure) Modes
Program AE modes make recording easy
even when filming in challenging situations.
Choose from Beach & Ski, Landscape,
Portrait, Spotlight, Sports Lesson, and
Sunset & Moon.
Battery Information
At the touch of a button, battery information
is displayed on the LCD screen when
charging and when the camcorder is turned
off. The display will show how much the
battery is charged, in 10% increments and
the recordable time left when using the LCD
screen or in the viewfinder.
Easy Handycam Button
Fader Effects
DVD Handycam® Camcorder
Imaging Device: 1/6" CCD
Pixel Gross: 680K
Recording Media: 8cm DVD (DVD-R/DVDRW/DVD+RW)
Recording and Playback Times: HQ: 20
min., SP: 30 min., LP 60 min.
Video Actual: 340K Pixels
Still Actual: 340K Pixels
USB Streaming: N/A
SteadyShot® Image Stabilization: Yes
( Super; Electronic)
Accessory Shoe: N/A
White Balance: Auto, Indoor, One-push,
Memory Stick PRO™ Media
Compatibility: N/A
Still Image Mode(s): JPEG
Minimum Illumination: 5 Lux (0 Lux with
Super NightShot® Plus Infrared System
Low Light Capability: Super NightShot®
Inputs and Outputs
Analog Audio/Video Input(s): N/A
Analog Audio/Video Output(s): Yes (Multi
Digital Audio/Video Input(s): N/A
Digital Audio/Video Output(s): N/A
USB Port(s): N/A
i.LINK® Interface: N/A
Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Output(s):
Headphone Jack: N/A
Microphone Input: N/A
Remote Jack: Yes (Mini Plug)
S-Video Input(s): N/A
S-Video Output(s): Yes (optional accessory)
LCD: 2.5" (123K Pixels SwivelScreen™ LCD
Lens Type: Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar®
Viewfinder: Color (123K Pixels)
Docking Station: N/A
Microphone: Yes (Built-in)
35mm Equivalent: 44-800mm (4:3
Camcera Mode); 44-880 (4:3 Memory
Aperture: f1.8-f3.1
Exposure: Touch Panel (24 steps)
Filter Diameter: 25mm
Focal Distance: 2.3-46mm
Focus: Full Range Auto, Manual (Touch
Progressive Shutter Mode: N/A
Shutter Speed: Auto, 1/4-1/4000 (AE
Optical Zoom: 20X
Digital Zoom: 800X
Power Consumption: 2.4W/2.7W (VF/LCD)
Battery Type: InfoLithium® with
AccuPower™ Meter System (NP-FP50)
Power Requirements: 7.2V (battery pack);
8.4V (AC Adaptor)
Service and Warranty Information
Limited Warranty: 1 Year Parts; 90 Days
Operating System Compatibility:
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional,
XP Home, XP Professional
Supplied Software: Nero Express 6
Video Recording System: DVDVideo/DVD-VR/DVD+RW Video
Video Signal System: NTSC color, EIA
Analog-to-Digital Converter: N/A
Weight: 1 lb. 1 oz (470g) with Disc and
Measurements: 2 1/5 " x 3 7/15" x 5
1/13" (56 x 88 x 129mm)
Supplied Accessories
Power Adapter/In-Camera Charger (ACL25)
InfoLithium® Rechargeable Battery (NPFP50)
Stereo AV Cable
Lens Cap
Nero Express 6 (3" Media Conversion Only)
LCD Cleaning Cloth
Optional Accessories
DVD Camcorder Starter Kit (ACC-DVDP2)
High Capacity InfoLithium® Batteries (NPFP50/71/90)
Travel Charger (BC-TRP)
Carrying Case (LCS-VA30)
Carrying Case (LCM-HCG)
A/V Cable with S-Video (VMC-30FS)
Filter Kit (VF-25CPKXS)
Wide Angle Lens (VCL-0625X)
High Grade Wide Angle Lens (VCLHG0725X)
Telephoto Lens (VCL-2025S)
High-Grade Telephoto Lens (VCL-HG2025)
Infrared Light (HVL-IRM)
Lightweight Tripod (VCT-R640)
Pocket Tripod (VCT-TK1)
High Grade A/V Cable with S-Video (VMC30FS)
UPC Code: 027242688544
1. Battery life may vary depending upon usage patterns. Designed for use with compatible Sony InfoLithium®
2. Playback on all home DVD players, computers, DVD drives, and PlayStation® 2 consoles cannot be
guaranteed. Some players drives, and video game consoles lack the ability to read due to the optical
reflection standard of DVD-R/RW disks and/or due to encoding incompatibilities. Refer to the
specifications of your playback equipment for additional compatibility information.
3. Image size and files size may vary based upon the type and complexity of the image recorded.
4.Use of Sony DVD-R/-RW/ RW Media recommended. For third party media, confirm compatibility with
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