Downloading eBooks to an iPad, iPhones, or iPod Touch

Downloading eBooks to an iPad, iPhones, or iPod Touch
Downloading eBooks to an
iPad, iPhones, or iPod Touch
We now have two ways to read great library eBooks
on your Apple device. You may work via the
OverDrive Media Console App on an iPhone, iPad or
iPod Touch. You may also use a feature called
OverDrive Read through the library’s website on
your browser, getting eBooks without the need for
an app. If you need help with either method, visit an
FCDL location or call (740) 653-2745 ext. #167.
Accessing Library eBooks using OverDrive Media Console
The following steps show you how to install and use the iOS (version 4.0 or newer) OverDrive Media Console App.
Step A. Creating an Adobe ID and Password
If you already have an Adobe ID and password, you can skip this step. If not, please follow the directions
1. Open your Safari web browser.
2. Got to the Adobe website
3. Tap “Sign In” on the upper right of the page.
4. Tap “Don’t Have an Adobe ID?”
5. You will be taken to a page where you are asked to supply some information. This is a secure
site, but Adobe is not affiliated with Fairfield County District Library. Please fill in the required
fields. When finished, touch “Create” at the bottom of the page.
6. Once you see that your account has been created, you can exit Safari.
Step B. Installing the OverDrive Media Console App
Go to the App Store on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and search for OverDrive Media Console.
Select OverDrive Media Console.
Tap the Free button on the right side and it will change to Install.
Tap Install. You will be asked for your iTunes password. After it is entered, OverDrive Media
Console will install.
5. Open the app and tap the Menu icon (usually looks like 3 lines) in the top left.
6. Tap Settings.
7. Enter your Adobe ID and Password. Then tap the Authorize button.
Step C. How to Access Library Materials
Tap the Menu icon (usually looks like 3 lines) in the upper left corner.
Tap Add a Library.
Search by zip code 43130 and select Main Library Branch.
Tap the Star () to save Digital Downloads to your list.
Select the Digital Downloads link.
6. From here, search for a particular title or just browse. Pay attention to the gray icon in the upper
right corner of the book cover to see if the title is an MP3 or EPUB. If a title is available, the icon
will be dark gray. If the item is checked out it will be light gray.
7. Tap the cover of the book you want.
8. Tap Borrow.
9. At the login screen, select your Fairfield County District Library from the drop down list.
10. At the next screen, enter your Library Card Number and PIN. Tap Login.
11. Tap Download.
12. The MP3 or EPUB will be downloaded directly to OverDrive Media Console. Tap the Menu Icon
in the top left. Then tap Bookshelf.
13. Tap the Book Cover to open the book and start reading!
Step D. How to Return Library Materials Early
You do not have to return items before they are due. eBooks are never “overdue” and return
themselves automatically when they expire. If you want to return an item early, here’s how:
From the Overdrive Media Console App, navigate to the Bookshelf.
Touch the book cover and hold down until options appear.
Tap Yes.
Accessing Library eBooks using OverDrive READ
The Following steps show you how to access eBooks using OverDrive READ.
Note: You must have iOS 5.0 or higher.
Using Safari go to Do NOT launch from the Overdrive app.
Search for a title.
Tap desired book cover. You must select a title that is available in the OverDrive READ format.
Tap Borrow.
Select the Fairfield County District Library option from the Library drop down menu.
Type your Library Card Number and PIN in the boxes and click Sign In.
Tap Read (in your browser).
A new tab will open with the book.
Click or tap the right or left edges of the eBook to turn pages.
Click or tap the bookmark icon in the upper-left to save your position.
To access the menu options swipe down from (or click on) the top of the page.
To access Overdrive READ titles offline, follow this procedure:
a. Open the OverDrive Read title in the Safari browser.
b. Tap the Menu Option next to the "Cloud" and "History" icons (it looks like a box with an
arrow pointing right).
c. Select Add Bookmark.
d. Name the Bookmark and hit Save.
e. Log off WiFi. When you open the browser while offline, you can still touch your
bookmark tab and read the title.
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