SEL ICON Single Cube 19" Rack Mounting
SEL ICON Single Cube 19” Rack Mounting
NOTE: The ICON half-width Cube
requires a minimum vertical
separation of 1U (1.75 inches or 4.445
centimeters) above and below the
chassis for ventilation to meet
environmental specifications. The
Cube does not need any separation
for side spacing.
This guide will assist the customer with instructions for installing the SEL
Integrated Communications Optical Network (ICON®) half-width Cube
chassis (P/N SEL 8002-01) in the single Cube 19" rack-mount option
(SEL P/N 915900329) configuration, depicted in Figure 1.
Take precautions when removing or
installing screws near the backplane.
The #140-1815 screw is small enough
to fall behind the backplane shield.
Figure 1 Single Cube 19" Rack Mount With Optional SEL P/N 915900329
(Pictured HMI Out on Right Side)
Table 1
Date Code 20141021
Required Parts (Not Supplied With SEL P/N 915900329)
Part Number
ICON Half-Width Cube
Bracket Ear, 8000 Rack
Screw #6-32-1/4"FH
Rack Screw
Customer supplied
SEL ICON Single Cube 19" Rack Mounting
Table 2
SEL P/N 915900329 Parts List
Part Number
Bracket, Extender Ear, 8000 Cube
Extender Ear, Overlay
Screw #6-32-1/4"FH (140-1815)
The ICON half-width Cube chassis can be mounted in a standard 19" EIA
relay rack by using the optional SEL 915900329 Bracket Ear Extender Kit.
The ICON can be mounted on either the right or left side of the rack by
following these instructions.
Step 1. Lay the #190-3539 bracket extender ear in front of you with the
aluminum plate side up and the extender ear on the right and
rack mount screw holes on the left as depicted in Figure 2.
NOTE: For Step 2 to Step 4, be
careful to avoid misalignments and
bubbles. Once applied, the overlay
cannot be easily removed.
Step 2. To familiarize yourself with where the overlay will be applied,
locate the #196-1766 blue extender ear overlay and position it
on the extender ear so that the left side of the overlay is aligned
with the dimples near the rack-mount screw holes.
Step 3. Keeping the overlay square to the chassis’ adapter edge and the
left edge dimples, peel back approximately 1/2" of protective
backing from the left side and carefully apply it to the blank
aluminum side.
Step 4. Working from left to right, remove the backing and
progressively press the overlay into place.
Step 5. If modules are already installed in the ICON Cube, note the
module slot locations and remove the modules.
Step 6. Determine whether you want the ICON Cube chassis mounted
with the blue (HMI) side or the cable access side facing
towards the front in the rack.
Orient the side you chose towards you.
Step 7. Determine on which side of the rack you want to position the
ICON chassis.
If on the left side, remove the right #190-3535 bracket ear by
removing the eight screws #140-1815 from the right ear.
If on the right side, remove the left #190-3535 bracket ear by
removing the eight screws #140-1815 from the left ear.
SEL ICON Single Cube 19" Rack Mounting
Date Code 20141021
Figure 2
Remove the Right Bracket Ear for a Left/Cable Side Out Mounting
Step 8. Ensure the remaining bracket ear is facing the side you
determined in Step 6. If it is not, the bracket ear can be reversed
by removing the eight #140-1815 screws, rotating the bracket
ear 180°, and reattaching the screws with 10–12 in-lbs of torque.
Step 9. Using the eight #140-1815 screws removed in Step 7, finger
tighten the extended ear into the ICON Cube chassis. Once
mechanically aligned, tighten the screws with 10-12 in-lbs of
Figure 3
Date Code 20141021
Attach the Extended Ear Bracket to the ICON Cube
SEL ICON Single Cube 19" Rack Mounting
Step 10. Proceed to mount the ICON Cube and extended ear into your
19" rack with customer-supplied rack screws. Ensure there is at
least 1U of vertical clearance between the chassis and the next
Step 11. Install the ICON modules into the chassis with 18 in-lbs of
torque. If reinstalling, ensure they are going back into the
locations noted in Step 5.
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SEL ICON Single Cube 19" Rack Mounting
Date Code 20141021
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