The Circadian® Hot Swap module

The Circadian® Hot Swap module
The Circadian® Hot Swap module
4 Bat HS-DC/DCPCB Part Number: 1420020
Part Number for LCD display: 1420060
2 Bat HS-DC/DCPCB Part Number: 1420030
Part Number Housing: 1800010
Description: The Circadian® Hot Swap module is the Heart of the system. It is
designed to regulate Hot Swapping i.e. 24-7 power and to be completely flexible
from an input and output configuration and to provide essential clear information
to the nurse.
Intended Use: part of the Circadian® system, the Hot Swap
module is cart mounted, ideally out of sight in the Tray with
only the LCD info interface visible, or for external use in a
Housing – see picture.
Benefits: On the input side, the module can take power from
up to 4 Batteries (plus power Supplies). A 2 battery version is
more typical to ensure Hot Swapping. The Raw battery Voltage is then regulated for Output by an up
to 98% efficient DC/DC converter. Standard voltages are 14V, 19V or 24V, however other voltages
can be set on request. A 2nd piggyback DC/DC converter can be added at any time. This allows a
flexible DC/DC system and avoids the potential 30% loss of the commonly used DC-AC-DC systems.
However the inverter option is still open using the 14V output. For communication the Circadian®
system has two outputs: The colour LCD displayed above is independent and gives the Nurse a visual
remaining runtime before a Hot Swap is required in hours and minutes. It also shows how many
batteries are in use and their comparative capacity status and warns the nurse if the Cart is plugged
into an electrical outlet. A further communication option is the USB communication cable. This can
feed the cart LED display or a PC software with standard battery info. This uses CAN-Bus which is a
significant improvement on the standard SM-BUS protocol that is so often vulnerable to
Technical specs: (Optional as PCB or housed version). Specs below apply to housed version
Weight: (400g) Height 4.3cm Width: 16.4 cm Depth: 10.4cm /13.3cm incl. screw fixation plate.
All connector block on PCB are plug-in connectors. Fast set up. 3 Pin output. Central pin carries a
sense V signal in the 19V setting to provide laptops with Power supply in signal.
Max Load. Total max load depends on total amount of batteries. One Hot swap PCB battery can
deliver 150W (max 175). 2 Hot Swap PCBs can deliver max 300W. Batteries have to be equal to share
Display is 2.8 inch colour LCD Display. Updating remaining runtime every 5 seconds.
Warranty and Support: A quality workmanship warranty of 36 Months applies. We back our Partners
and you with European Support Engineers, who can and want to visit to learn, listen, advise and
resolve issues, because our success will live from strong support and market feedback. Please do
contact DCPower4C support with any questions on solutions, limitations, and needs around the Hot
Swap module, since this unit is designed with a Can-do remit.
Regulatory: The Circadian system fulfils CE and IEC 60601-1. ISO 13485 pending for Q2 2017.
DCpower4C B.V. is a limited liability company registered at the Chamber of Commerce, Maastricht, The
Netherlands under KvK nr. 64533972. DCPower4C terms and conditions apply, as published on Contact us on or tel.: 0031 45 5116734.
Specifications subject to alteration without prior notice. All rights reserved.
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