The D-Link DKVM-16 is a Keyboard, Video and Mouse KVM switch

The D-Link DKVM-16 is a Keyboard, Video and Mouse KVM switch
The D-Link DKVM-16 is a Keyboard,
Video and Mouse KVM switch that allows
you to control up to 16 server computers
using one keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
It is easy to use, powerful, and scalable.
Each DKVM-16 port has a dedicated
microprocessor to intelligently manage port
traffic and allows simultaneous boot-ups
for all attached PCs. The advanced
microprocessor technology also saves
LOCK status for each PC. Two control
buttons located on the front panel gives you
one touch access to your attached PCs and
the user-friendly on-screen display menu
allows you to configure your DKVM-16
switch’s settings. The daisy chain port
allows up to 8 DKVM-16 KVM switches to
be stacked together for controlling as many
as 128 computers. Featuring hot-plug,
auto-scan, keyboard hot keys and audible
feedback, the DKVM-16 makes it simple to
manage all of your server computers.
The DKVM-16 supports VGA, SVGA, and
MultiSync monitors at up to 1920 X 1440
resolution. Integrated mouse conversion
technology allows older AT type computers
with serial mouse ports to be connected to
the DKVM-16 using the included
serial-to-PS/2 mouse converter. Also
included are two sets of 3-in-1 Cable-to-PC
cables and one set of 3-in-1 cables to daisy
chain two DKVM-16 devices together.
Computer Control
19’’ Rackmountable. Kit Included
Display Indicators
1 Bank LED
1 Port LED
Cascade Port
1 Daisy Chain Port to Cascade Up
to 8 Server Computers
Console Connectors
6-pin Mini-DIN Female PS/2
6-pin Mini-DIN Female PS/2
15-pin HDDB Female VGA,
SVGA, XGA, MultiSync
Operating Temp
32ºF to 122ºF (0ºC to 50ºC)
Monitor Resolution Support
Up to 1920 X 1440
Storage Humidity
0% to 80% Non-Condensing
Switching Control
Hot Keys
Push Buttons
On Screen Display
Switching Notification
Audio Beep
Scanning Interval
5-99 sec
12V 1A AC Adapter
Length 16 in (406 mm)
Width 9 in (229 mm)
Height 3.25 in (83 mm)
Weight 123oz (3.5kg)
Storage Temp
-4ºF to 140ºF (-20ºC to 60ºC)
Operating Humidity
0% to 80% Non-Condensing
Minimum Requirements
One VGA, SVGA, or
Multisync Monitor
One PS/2 Keyboard
One PS/2 Mouse
One VGA, SVGA, or MultiSync
Video Card or Port
One PS/2(6-pin Mini-DIN)
Mouse port
One PS/2((6-pin Mini-DIN)
Keyboard port
1 Year
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