Write Speed (DVD+R)
2.4x, 4x (CLV),8x(ZCLV),12x (PCAV),16x,*18x (CAV)
Write Speed (DVD+R DL)
2.4x, 4x (CLV), 6x , 8x(ZCLV)
Write Speed (DVD-R)
2.x,4x(CLV),8x (ZCLV),12x (PCAV), 16x, *18x (CAV)
Write Speed (DVD-R DL)
4x (CLV), 8x (ZCLV)
Write Speed (DVD+RW)
2.4x, 4x (CLV), 8x (ZCLV)
Write Speed (DVD-RW)
1x, 2x, 4x (CLV), 6x (ZCLV),
Write Speed (DVD-RAM)
2x, 3x (CLV) , 5x, 12x PCAV
Write Speed (CD-R)
16x (CLV), 24x (ZCLV), 40x, 48x (CAV)
Write Speed (CD-RW)
4x, 10x, 16x (CLV), 24x, 32x (ZCLV)
Read Speed (CD-R/RW/ROM)
Read Speed (DVD-R/RW/ROM)
16x/12x/12x max
Read Speed (CD-ROM)
Read Speed (DVD-ROM)
16x/12x max
Read Speed (DVD-RAM (Ver.1.0/2.1))
(Ver.2.0&Higher)2x, 3x (CLV), 5x,12x PCAV
Read Speed (DVD-Video(CSS Compliant
8x max
Write Method(DVD-RAM/+RW)
Random Write
Write Method(DVD+R/+RW)
Sequential Recording
Write Method(DVD-R/RW)
Disc at Once
Write Method(DVD+R)
Sequential Recording
Write Method(DVD+RW)
Random Write
Write Method(CD-R/RW)
Disc at Once
Data Transfer Rate
72,000 kB/s (48x) max
Access Time
120 ms typ
Buffer Size
Loading Type
Drawer type manual load / Electrical release
Interface Type
X3T13 ATA/ATAPI5/1321D INF-8090i Rev.5.3
Wx Dx H
146 x 41.3 x 165 mm
1500g max.
DVD-ROM 22.16 Mbytes/s (16x) max.
Sustained Transfer rate
CD-ROM 72,000 kB/s (48x) max.
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