C Sereis and A Series Travel A ngel Tripods

C Sereis and A Series Travel A ngel Tripods
Operating Instructions & User Notice
Operating Instructions
Interchangeable Spiked and Rubber Feet
(select models) (MAIN FIGURE)
Most Benro tripods include interchangeable
Stainless Steel Spiked or Rubber Feet.
They provide the right contact depending
on the surface or terrain that the tripod
will be used in. To remove the Rubber Feet
simply unscrew each Rubber Foot counterclockwise and replace with the provided
Spiked Feet. Tighten the Spiked Feet using
the included Wrench.
Transfunctional Feature – Converting to
a Monopod (select models) (FIGURE 9)
To assemble as a monopod first unscrew
the Ballhead and Top Plate from the center
column. Unscrew the Single tripod leg (the
one with the foam grip). Screw the Ballhead
and Top Plate onto the top of the Single Leg.
• Do not exceed the maximum specified
load capacity (see specifications on the
package label or visit www.BenroUSA.com).
• Always ensure that Leg and Head Locks
are tightly engaged before mounting any
gear on your Tripod.
• Always clean and dry any Tripod after it
has been exposed to wet, dusty, sandy
or salty conditions. Your Tripod is not
recommended for use in salt water. If
required, clean tripod using a mild soap
solution applied with a soft cloth, rinse
with fresh water and dry with soft towel.
Remove any dust, dirt or sand from all Leg
Locks, Leg Sections and all moving parts.
• Do not leave any Tripod in the sun for
prolonged periods and avoid high
temperature exposure.
• Avoid leaving any Tripod or Monopod
unattended in areas where people could
trip over the gear and get hurt.
• Remove camera, lens, and all gear from
any tripod when transporting.
• For your safety, don’t let your Benro
gear come in contact with any electrical
power source.
8 Westchester Plaza
Elmsford, NY 10523
T 914.347.3300
F 914.347.3309
Specifications and design are subject
to change without notice.
Thank you for making Benro your choice for professional photographic
equipment. Your Benro gear is manufactured to provide years
of dependable service. In order to obtain optimum satisfaction and
performance, we suggest that you carefully read these instructions.
C Sereis and A Series Travel Angel Tripods (Including Transfunctional Models)
Head Mounting (FIGURES 1 & 2)
If your Tripod did not come with a Head,
select one of the fine Benro Ballheads or
Panheads that match your size Tripod and
install by screwing the Head clockwise
onto the 3/8" Mounting Thread of the Top
Plate. Once it is hand tight, secure by fully
tightening the Head Locking Screw(s)
(on select models) from below with the
included Allen Key.
Weight Hook
Most Heads have a 3/8" base mount so
your Benro Tripod is shipped with the
3/8 Mounting Thread exposed, but if the
Head you choose uses a 1/4–20 you can
attach it by simply reversing the Mounting
Screw. To do this turn the Locking Nut
counter-clockwise (using the supplied
Wrench) until it becomes loose, and
unscrew the Mounting Screw until it can
be completely removed. Reverse the Screw,
so that the threads are in position and
screw it back into place, secure with the
Locking Nut using the Wrench.
Leg Lock Grip
NOTE: Allow enough of the screw threads
to be available for maximum security
when the Tripod Head is mounted onto
the Tripod. It’s recommended that at least
5 to 6 threads be exposed before locking
the Mounting Screw in place.
Center Column
Locking Knob
Leg Angle Adjustment Lock
Reversible Grooved
Center Column
Spiked Foot
Rubber Foot
(on select models)
1/4-20 + 3/8
Mounting Screw
Before using your Tripod, adjust each
Leg Section to the desired height and
Leg Angle Setting.
Make sure that the Tripod is firmly resting
on a level surface and mount your camera
securely on the Tripod Head. Always
engage any safety locks on the Tripod Head
to prevent any accidental dismounting.
FOR BEST RESULTS: Do not raise the Tripod
higher than necessary and extend the
largest diameter Leg Sections first. Only
extend the Center Column if required to
reach maximum height or to fine-tune the
vertical position.
your camera bag or other weight on the
Retractable Spring-Loaded Weight Hook at
the bottom of the Center Column.
NOTE: Never carry your Tripod with camera
gear attached.
Leg Angle Adjustment (FIGURE 3)
To accommodate uneven terrain, awkward
shooting situations or for low angle shooting,
your Benro Tripod includes a 2-position Leg
Angle Adjustment Sliding Lock. Each Leg
can be adjusted by pulling the Leg Angle
Lock out and selecting one of the two
positions. Please make sure that the Leg
Angle Lock is securely pushed back into the
lock position after you have selected the
desired Leg Angle.
After use, the Leg Angle Adjustment Sliding
Lock releases the Travel Angel’s unique
Tripod Legs so they can be folded up 180°
making it extremely compact for easy
carrying and packing.
Leg Section Adjustment (FIGURES 4 & 5)
Each Leg section can be adjusted to the
desired length by turning the leg lock grip
1/2 turn (180°) clockwise until the Leg is free
to slide in or out. Once the desired length is
achieved, turn the Leg Lock Grip counterclockwise until the Leg Section is securely
locked. Repeat this step for each Leg and
each Section until the Tripod is set to the
desired height.
NOTE: To prevent any accidental damage
to your gear, always remove any mounted
equipment (camera, etc.) from the Tripod
before adjusting the Leg Sections.
Raising and Lowering the Center Column
To raise or lower the Center Column, turn
the Center Column Locking Knob clockwise
and set the Column to the desired position.
While holding the Column in position, turn
the Center Column Locking Knob counterclockwise to secure the Column in place.
Don’t over-tighten the Center Column Lock,
as this could damage the threads.
NOTE: Take special care when raising or
lowering the Center Column, if a camera or
equipment is mounted on the Tripod. Never
loosen the Center Column Locking Knob
without holding the Center Column. Failure
to follow these instructions could result in
damaged equipment.
Reversible Center Column (FIGURES 7 & 8)
Your Tripod has the ability to reverse the
Center Column for close-up photography,
copy work and for difficult to reach objects.
To reverse the Center Column, unscrew the
Retractable Weight Hook located on the
bottom of the Center Column. Loosen the
Center Column Locking Knob and pull
the Center Column out. Insert the Center
Column through the bottom with the
Mounting Plate upside-down and retighten
the Center Column Locking Knob securely.
The Center Column has an anti-twist
groove, be sure to line-up the groove with
the key before inserting the Column back
into the Main Casting.
NOTE: Do not reverse the Center Column
when a camera or equipment is mounted.
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Operating Instructions
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