CD DVD Tower Duplicator, Copy Multiple Discs

CD DVD Tower Duplicator, Copy Multiple Discs
Introduction - Features - Specifications
The CopyBox 3 "Standard" is a stand-alone DVD duplicator, suitable for users who regularly need
to duplicate recordable CD's or DVD's. The system has one CD/DVD reader and three CD/DVD
writers. An internal hard drive can be fitted as an optional extra. The internal hard drive can
store CD/DVD images. Once you have copied to the hard drive, master discs are no longer
required for duplication. The advantage when duplicating from the internal hard drive is
maximum stability and reliability; read errors are eliminated.
The CopyBox 3 can make three DVD duplicates at once at a maximum 24x speed. (CD maximum
48x speed) Since the unit operates completely stand-alone and does not require any software or
PC connection, the CopyBox 3 Standard is ideal for fast and easy duplication of any common
recordable CD or DVD. The fast writers can duplicate a DVD in 5:15 minutes (CD 2:40). This
results in a production capacity of 32,3 DVD's or 60,3 CD's per hour.
Operating the CopyBox 3 is simple; all functions are selected using the LCD display and control
buttons on the front of the unit. The CopyBox is suitable for all types of user.
Stand-alone operation, no computer or software required.
Optional internal hard drive for storing CD/DVD image files.
Suitable for all users, easy to follow menu.
One CD/DVD reader, three CD/DVD writers.
Maximum 24x DVD copy speed; a DVD copy in 5 minutes.
All common recordable CD and DVD disks are supported.
Easy operation through a LCD display and control buttons.
100% reliable copies because of the integrated control functions.
Also available as Blu-Ray duplicator.
CopyBox 3 Standard
CopyBox 3 Standard - HDD
Writing Speeds
- CopyBox
- Power cable
- Printed user manual
24x max
24x max
12x max
12x max
8x max
6x max
48x max
32x max
- Prices in Euro's, excl. VAT.
Delivery Time
2 years
Price Guarantee
Comparison CopyBox Duplicators
Dimensions (LxWxH)
42x18x28 cm
User Manual CopyBox 3 DVD
8,0 kg
Power Supply
100-120 VAC of 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 250 Watt,
Operating Conditions
- In use : 5°C to 35°C
(RH: 15% to 80% non condensing)
- Not in use : -20°C to 60°C
(RH: 15% tot 90% non condensing)
Brochure CopyBox 3 DVD
DVD reader
Sony Optiarc AD-7280S
DVD writer
3 x Sony Optiarc AD-7280S
Hard Drive
500 GB (Optionall)
Production Capacity
Maximum 32,3 DVD's per hour, 60,3 CD's per hour.
(including changing of media)
Supported Formats
CD/DVD-ROM (Mode 1 & Mode 2), CD-ROM/XA (Mode 2
form 1 & form 2), Multisession, Mixed-Mode, CD-DA
(audio CD), PSX & PS2, Video CD, CD-I, Photo-CD
(Single & Multi-session), CD-Extra, HFS, CD-Bridge, UDF,
ISO 9660
Supported Media
DVD±Recordable (4,7 GB general use 1x-24x speed)
DVD+Recordable (8,5 GB dual-layer 2,4x-10x speed)
DVD±Rewritable (4,7 GB 1x-8x speed)
CD-Recordable (74, 80 min.)
CD-Rewritable (74, 80 min.)
Mini CD/DVD recordable
Businesscard CD/DVD recordable
Recommended Media
High resolution photo
Demonstration video
Also see:
Recommended Media for Sony Optiarc AD-7280S
Standard 2 year carry-in warranty.
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