MRK 960 Modular Wireless-Microphone Receiver System

MRK 960 Modular Wireless-Microphone Receiver System
MRK 960
Modular Wireless-Microphone Receiver System
19” 1U module, stackable, with dual true diversity receivers
Main Features
Wide bandwidth: up to 370 MHz with tunable filters (2 ch’s independent):
470 MHz to 840 MHz (Europe TV ch. 21/67) with internal active splitter
Extreme immunity: IIP3 > 20dBm, practically intermodulation free
Powerful and quick: thanks to the latest DSP class “shark” by Analog Design
(2Gigaflops 40bit power), providing the highest audio quality (40bit floating point)
and a delay of only 0,39 msec (AES3 output) and 0,46 msec (analogue output)
Audio quality: Analogue (electronically balanced) and digital output (AES3)
Network: 2 USB’s connectors for configuration/monitor and cascade rack
connections and a Ethernet 10/100 base TX port (RJ45) for network connection
Automatic scan: for best channels, squelch and other automatic setup
Infrared interface (i.e. for system setup, microphone programming).
Automatic reprogramming of transmitter (thru infrared)
PC Software to monitor/setup units, spectrum analyzer mode, intermodulation
free frequencies calculator, embedded database by area or to archive existing
Optional (upgradable):
Multicompanding (/DIGCOM960)
Ethersound interface in alternative to AES3 (/ETS)
Patented PTT (Push to Talk) function with audio exit and GPI signals (/PTT)
Low impedance transformers outputs (/XLR on line ports or /XRC on ptt ports)
General Description
The system presents exceptional selectivity and inter-modulation immunity for best operating
performance of the wireless-microphone system even in the presence of DVTB-T transmitter’s signals.
MRK 960 is designed to be:
 “easy & quick to use” thanks to automatic setup functions (i.e. frequencies, squelch), remote
configuration utilities (USB/Ethernet), display with intuitive context menu navigation.
 “extremely flexible”, in fact each of the two receivers can work in a 240 MHz bandwidth, more than
one rack can be connected together thru a simple USB cable to act a multi-channel receiver.
Moreover, the DSP interface allows the units to work with several digital audio output (i.e. AES/EBU,
Ethersound,), multi-companding compatibilities and other digital features.
 “best in class performances”, thanks to the latest Wisycom technology the unit has extreme RF
sensitivity and immunity and superb audio quality.
 “a durable & upgradable investment”, thanks to the very robust design (aluminum housing) and
the possibility of upgrade/enhance unit’s performances with simple slot in card (pc-like thru the DEXB
expansion bus).
Moreover, MRK 960 system is already set up for the exclusive PTT function, recently developed by
Wisycom and now appreciated in the broadcast world. It’s able to work directly with the new wireless
microphones provided with built-in telemetry (either body-pack or hand-held transmitters) and Push-ToTalk button: simply pushing this button, the presenter causes the remote switching of the receiver’s
output-line, from the “main line” to the additional “intercom line”, in order to be able to talk “off-air”
directly with the technical team (optionally a stuttering tone is back generated to signal the presenter of
the push to talk status).
Wisycom Srl - Via Spin, 156 - I-36060 Romano d’Ezzelino (VI) - Italy
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MRK 960
Modular Wireless-Microphone Receiver System
19” 1U module, stackable, with dual true diversity receivers
Frequency ranges : up to 370 MHz switching bandwidth in 470/940 MHz
Switchable channels : 2400 managed in 40 groups ofr 60 frequencies completely user customizable
Frequencies : microprocessor controlled PLL frequency synthesizer circuit, with 25 KHz minimum step.
Frequency error : < ± 2.5 ppm, within the rated temperature range.
Temperature range : -10 ÷ + 55 °C.
Modulation : FM (50µs de-emphasis), other de-emphasis can be pre-set on request and can be recalled
from the menu.
• Nominal deviation : ±40 KHz @ 1 KHz, ±65 KHz peak (Max acceptable deviation = ±80 KHz).
• “A” / “B” antenna inputs : with BNC type female connectors.
• RF input impedance : 50 ohm (SWR < 1:2).
• Sensitivity [1] : < 0.9 µV (-1 dBµV), for SND/N = 52 dBA[2], in the whole switching-range;
< 10 µV (+20 dBµV), for SND/N = 115 dBA[2], in the whole switching-range.
• Amplitude response : < 0.2 dB (for RF input signal: +4 dBµV ÷ +120 dBµV).
• Co-channel rejection : > -3.5 dB @ 2 µV RF; > -1.5 dB @ 100 µV RF.
• Adjacent chan. selectivity: > 90 dB @ ± 300 KHz.
• Spurious rec. rejection : > 90 dB.
• IF image rejection : > 110 dB.
• IIP3 : >= +20 dBm (typical)
• Spurious emissions : < 1pW (typical. = 0.1 pW).
• Squelch : - signal strength squelch: with menu adjustable threshold and “adaptive type” working: the
receiver adapts itself automatically to different conditions of both medium strength and speed variation
of the received signal;
- tone-squelch: it works by decoding the special key, sub-carrier (digitally modulated) present on the
carrier of the actual Wisycom transmitters. The tone squelch function can be inhibited for compatibility
with other types of transmitters.
• Noise Reduction system : compander circuit, can be pre-set (or switched off) to the following modes:
- ENR (Wisycom Extended-NR) as default;
- CUSTOM (to be compatible with other brands transmitters).
• AF line output electrically balanced on XLR-3M connector (option XRL, transformer with 30 Ohm imp.)
• AF line output level : +12 dBu (3.1 Vrms) @ nominal deviation.
• AF line output peak level : +20 dBu (7.75 Vrms).
• AES3 on XLR-3M with word clock in/out
• AF bandwidth : 40 Hz ÷ 20 KHz.
• Frequency response : < ±0.5 dB (±0.2 dB typ.) in the 50 Hz ÷ 19 KHz range.
• Distortion : < 0.3 % (0.10 % typ.) @ peak deviation.
• SND/N ratio [1] > 115 dBA (118 dBA typ.) [2].
• Monitor output : 1/4” (6.3 mm) stereo jack connector.
• Monitor output level : max 6 Vrms / 150 ohm.
• Monitor out impedance : 50 ohm.
• Diversity technique : true-diversity (Twin receiver circuits).
• Bar-graph meters : - RF field strengths (both “A” and “B” inputs) - AF deviation (5% ÷ 150%), with
peak-hold mode.
• Display: 64 x 256 OLED (yellow)
• Calibrating AF tone : 1 KHz, +12 dBu (other on request).
• Powering : 99 ÷ 138 Vac and 187 ÷ 264 Vac, with automatic switching / 100 VA max.
• Dimensions : 19”/1U.
• 2 USBs type A/B for network connection and devices cascade
• 10/100 Base TX Ethernet port on RJ45 connector
Note [1]: ENR-system included.
Note [2]: RMS value, A-weighted, 22 Hz / 22 KHz, and referred to the peak deviation.
The MRK 960 Receiver System complies with ETSI 300 422.
Wisycom Srl - Via Spin, 156 - I-36060 Romano d’Ezzelino (VI) - Italy
tel. +39 0424 382605 fax. +39 0424 382733 http:// - e-mail: [email protected]
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Mrk960 system has a powerful core digital sound processor capable or 40bit floating point
operation at 2 Gigaflops (Shark™ by Analogue Device). It is able to deliver a full digital
emulation of most analogue compander chipsets with the highest quality and with a delay of
390 usec (AES3 output) and 460 usec (analogue output).
This option allows emulation of SA572/SA575 and rms detector.
This option upgrades the receiver with add 2 digital
audio ETHERSOUND outputs.
Thanks to this additional board MRK950/960 can
interoperate in a ETHERSOUND audio distribution
network delivering crystal clear audio and low time
latency (0,6 msec) through a legacy 10/100 Base TX
Kit to mount a removable air-filter on
Mrk 950/960. This is installed on the
left side and can be easily removed for
Wisycom Srl - Via Spin, 156 - I-36060 Romano d’Ezzelino (VI) - Italy
tel. +39 0424 382605 fax. +39 0424 382733 http:// - e-mail: [email protected]
Subject to change without notice
Network connections & audio interfaces
MRK9xx’s can be easily connected in cascade using the 2 usb ports (current SW version
support 4 racks cascade max for each daisy chain).
On the below example the unit on the top behave as a single 8 receiver rack (concentrating
data from the below receivers); this way all the units can be easily monitored/configured thru
a single USB interface or Ethernet connection (a single IP).
Mrk9xx is an upgradable platform with several audio distribution options both analogue (also
available a command line usable to double the audio output) and digital (AES3, Ethersound)
AF cables
Ethernet 10/100 Base Tx
Audio distribution
Wisycom wireless manager
This is a windows application that will allow an easy management of one or many receivers,
connected either with USB connection or Ethernet network.
The user can easily monitor all the receivers at a glance, changing basic and advanced
parameters. Frequency and overall setup copied, saved and mirrored among receivers.
The software allows also more advanced functionalities, for instance spectrum monitor (in the
full 370 MHz Mrk960 bandwidth), control of receiver infrared interface for transmitter
reprogramming. MRK9xx has a RSSI (RF signal level monitor) calibrated so it can work as a
very sensitive spectrum analyzer. Moreover the software allows an automatic frequency
calculation along with a fetch in a location database to always load the proper range:
Wisycom Srl - Via Spin, 156 - I-36060 Romano d’Ezzelino (VI) - Italy
tel. +39 0424 382605 fax. +39 0424 382733 http:// - e-mail: [email protected]
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