tweeter d3004/604010 - Scan
This 1” compact Illuminator beryllium tweeter is an example of a big sound in a small
body. As beryllium is a material characterised by great stiffness, light weight and
high damping, the beryllium diaphragm offers all the properties required to
reproduce excellent sound. And indeed, the 1” tweeter sounds great. It has a very
low distortion and a distinct clarity that brings out the best in all types of music.
· 1" Beryllium diaphragm (99% pure BE)
· Large non resonant aluminium enclosure
· Sound transparant protective grill
T-S Parameters
Resonance frequency [fs]
· Patented symetrical drive (SD-2) motor
· Large roll surround f. wide dispersion
· Applicable for HiFi and automotive
Electrical Data
450 Hz
Nominal impedance [Zn]
Mechanical Q factor [Qms]
Minimum impedance [Zmin]
Electrical Q factor [Qes]
Maximum impedance [Zo]
Total Q factor [Qts]
DC resistance [Re]
Force factor [Bl]
Mechanical resistance [Rms]
Moving mass [Mms]
Compliance [Cms]
1.7 Tm
0.35 g
0.43 mm/N
3 mm
Effective piston area [Sd]
7 cm²
Equivalent volume [Vas]
0.03 l
Ratio Bl/√Re
Ratio fs/Qts
3.6 Ω
11.2 Ω
0.02 mH
0.4 kg/s
Effective diaph. diameter [D]
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)
Voice coil inductance [Le]
90.5 dB
0.98 N/√W
608 Hz
IEC specs. refer to IEC 60268-5 third edition.
All Scan-Speak products are RoHS compliant.
Data are subject to change without notice.
Datasheet updated: September 14, 2016.
Power Handling
100h RMS noise test (IEC 17.1)*
Long-term max power (IEC 17.3)*
50 W
100 W
*Filter: 2. order HP Butterworth, 2,5kHz
Voice Coil & Magnet Data
Voice coil diameter
26 mm
Voice coil height
2.1 mm
Voice coil layers
Height of gap
2.5 mm
Linear excursion
± 0.2 mm
Max mech. excursion
± 1.6 mm
Unit weight
N.C. Madsensvej 1 · 6920 Videbæk · Denmark · Phone: +45 6040 5200 ·
0.2 kg
Advanced Parameters
Electrical data
Resistance [Re']
Mechanical Data
Force Factor [Bl]
Free inductance [Leb]
- mH
Moving mass [Mms]
Bound inductance [Le]
- mH
Compliance [Cms]
Semi-inductance [Ke]
- SH
Shunt resistance [Rss]
Mechanical resistance [Rms]
Admittance [Ams]
N.C. Madsensvej 1 · 6920 Videbæk · Denmark · Phone: +45 6040 5200 ·
- Tm
- mm/N
- kg/s
- mm/N
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