Point-Of-Sale Setup Guide
Point-Of-Sale Setup Guide
The steps in setting up your POS terminal are as follows.
Unpack the Unit
Plug in the Devices
Power up the Terminal
Setup Windows Software
Setup Remote Access
Please Note: in order to install your POS terminal, you should use a USB
keyboard and mouse. Once the set-up is complete you may remove
the keyboard and mouse.
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Point-Of-Sale Setup Guide
1. Unpack the Unit
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Point-Of-Sale Setup Guide
POS Terminal Features
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Point-Of-Sale Setup Guide
View from under the Terminal
Tilt the screen back and remove the cover to access the ports.
I/O Ports under the Terminal
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Point-Of-Sale Setup Guide
2. Plug in the Devices
Plug in the power cord to the mains
Plug in your network cable here
Plug in your label printer (if supplied) - do not power on the printer
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Point-Of-Sale Setup Guide
Plug in your receipt printer here (if supplied) using the cable shown
Plug in your cash drawer here (if supplied)
Plug in your keyboard and mouse here
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Point-Of-Sale Setup Guide
3. Power on the Terminal
Power on the unit, the button is located here, underneath the screen
4. Setup Windows Software
You must have internet access to proceed.
Once you have powered on the terminal, follow the on screen prompts
to complete the windows setup.
When you start the process you will be asked to input Windows
software license key. Locate this key here.
You should also register the software online at this stage.
5. Setup Remote Access
In order to give us remote access to the terminal, please download
and run the Teamviewer client from this link:
Please then contact us on 1300 361 769 (flexischools, touch screen
option) and we will complete the POS setup remotely.
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