Insert Camera power supply into this labeled connector (XLR 4pin

Insert Camera power supply into this labeled connector (XLR 4pin
Note: CinemaPro-Jr DOES NOT supply power to any
camera. Camera power must be supplied by the end user.
Our camera power cable option is ONLY a pass-thru to
streamline cabling and avoid cable twisting.
Power cables for camera are OPTIONAL – model
VZCP-C10 ($399 each) – they MUST be optional,
because there are many different connectors for
different cameras, and connector/pinouts must be
specified at time of purchase. When the camera
power cable is purchased, also included is the Yadapter to allow both camera and head power to
feed into the base of VZCINEMAPRO-JR.
Y-adapter for power is shown to left.
Insert Camera power supply into this labeled
connector (XLR 4pin) - uses pins 1 (-) and 4 (+). Note:
different connectors are available for camera power.
Insert VZCINEMAPRO-JR power supply into this
labeled connector (XLR 4pin) - uses pins 2(-) and 3 (+)
VZCP-C10 power cable is shown with 4pin XLR option.
Connector/pinouts for camera power cable must be
specified at time of order.
Power from camera power supply is fed through the head
and outputs at 2pin 2B style Lemo (Red color).
This is only a pass-thru – head cannot supply power to
cameras because different cameras require different
Camera power is mapped as follows:
XLR base Pin 1(-) to Lemo Pin 2(-)
XLR base Pin 4(+) to Lemo Pin 1(+)
Note: XLR shown as example only. If your camera power
supply does not use 4pin XLR, let us know and we can
customize the Y-adapter and VZCP-C10 power cable to
include any power connector you need.
VZCP-C09 ($399 each) – Lens control cable. MUST be
optional, because there are MANY different types of
connectors and software prototcols. Head outputs lens
control via 16pin 2B Lemo. Customer must specify
connector type and lens model at time of order.
Each lens with different connector must use separate
cable. For example, 12-pin Fujinon, 8pin Canon, 20pin
Fujinon, 10pin Fujinon, 20pin Canon, dual 8pin/6pin
Canon, dual 12pin/12pin Fujinon, 8pin digital lens drive,
Preston, etc.
Note: Some lenses can support only zoom. Some can
control zoom and focus. Some can also support record
They are not all the same and functions vary based on
manufacturer and model.
Analog lenses with only one connector support only zoom
and require single-output cable.
Analog lenses with two connectors and focus servo support
zoom and focus, and require dual-output cable (e.g.,
Analog lenses do not support repeatable zoom/focus
Digital lenses are single connector and are repeatable, but
may not always support record (start/stop) function.
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