1. Pure Thermal Dev Kit 2. Micro-USB cable 3. FLIR

1. Pure Thermal Dev Kit 2. Micro-USB cable 3. FLIR
1. Pure Thermal Dev Kit
2. Micro-USB cable
3. FLIR Lepton version 2 or 3
4. PC with Windows 7 or above
1. VLC Media Player
2. stsw-stm32102_com_port_driver (zip included in directory)
3. “main.dfu” hex file for device firmware installation
4. “DfuSe” DFU GUI application
1. First install the com port driver and DfuSe app.
-Extract the “purethermal.zip” file.
-Extract “stsw-stm32102_com_port_driver.zip” located in purethermal/resources.
-Run “VCP_V1.4.0_Setup.exe” file.
-Follow the software installation instructions.
2. Download VLC Media Player.
-Install VLC media player following the software’s installation instructions.
3. Download the SWSW-STM32080 software.
-Extract the “stsw-stm32080.zip” file.
-Install “DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.5_setup.exe” file located in the “swsw-stm32080” folder
following the applications installation instructions.
3. Populate the Lepton into the adapter and apply USB power. The Lepton socket is
keyed to assist proper placement.
4. Plug your USB cable into the Pure Thermal FLIR Lepton Dev Kit and plug the other end into you
5. Hold the On/Off button for about 1 second.
-The board is on when the “LI-ION” LED is lit solid, and the “ON/OFF” LED is flashing rapidly.
6. Press the “Boot” and “RST” buttons at the same time to enter boot loader mode.
-The board is in boot loader mode when the “LI-ION” LED is lit solid, and the “ON/OFF” LED is
solid but dimly lit.
7. Now open Device Manager.
-Under the Other Devices section of Device Manager you will see “STM32 BOOTLOADER”.
-Right Click “STM32 BOOTLOADER” and select “Update Driver Software..”.
-Then click Browse my computer for driver software.
-Navigate to the “STMicroelectronics” folder, default installation location should be:
(C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\).
-Select the “DfuSe v3.0.5” folder: (C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\DfuSe v3.0.5\).
-Press “OK”.
-Press “Next”.
-Close the window after installation is complete
-It has successfully installed when you can see “STM Device in DFU Mode” in the “Universal Serial
Bus controllers” sections of Device Manager.
8. Open the “dfuSeDemo” software.
-At the top left of the program under “Available DFU Devices” you will see a drop down
list containing “STM Device in DFU Mode”, if that is not already selected select that from the drop
down list.
-Towards the bottom right of the program check the box next to “Verify after download”.
-Click the “Choose” button.
-Navigate to and then select your “main.dfu” file.
-Click “Open”.
-At the bottom of the program you should see “File correctly loaded”.
-Click “Upgrade”.
-Click “Yes”.
-The firmware installation is successful when you see “Verify successful !” at the bottom
of the program window.
9. Click the “RST” button on the Pure Thermal Lepton Dev Kit.
-The “LI-ION” LED should be lit and solid, and the “ON/OFF” LED should be flashing rapidly.
-To verify that the firmware installation was successful open Device Manager.
-In the Imaging Devices section of device manager you should see “STM32 VIDEO Streaming in
FS Mode”.
10. Open VLC Media Player.
-Click the Play Icon at the bottom left of the window.
-Select the “Capture Device” tab at the upper right section of the window.
-In the drop down list next to Video device name, select “STM32 VIDEO Streaming in FS Mode”.
-Then click “Play” at the bottom of the window.
11. You should now see an image from the Pure Thermal Dev Kit, which means you have
successfully installed new firmware on your Pure Thermal Dev Kit.
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