Rampart Control Panel
C o n t ro l P a n e l
DS-Rampart Rev A
Designed for high security and vehicle bar-
Industry’s first AES Encrypted VBS proces-
rier operations.
sor based control system, modular simple to
The Rampart RCU-VBS control system delivers ad-
install and operate.
vanced AES encrypted protection for both new and ex-
Simple Touch Screen Operation
isting high security vehicle barrier installations. Ram-
Auto Device Enrollment
Centralized VBS Module Metric Storage
part’s CeLAN bus provides secure 128-bit AES encrypted communication between all CeLAN devices
connected to the system. Utilizing the CeLAN VBS
(Vehicle Barrier System) Module, the system is capable
of controlling and monitoring vehicle barrier systems,
gate arms, traffic lights and rolling gates, swing gates
and garage doors.
Eight general purpose inputs for security device monitoring
CeLAN expansion – Communication
Copper, Fiber Optics or TCP/IP
Supports up to 20 VBS barrier controllers
5.7” color touchscreen for high security vehicle barrier operation
Pre-defined input configurations for
All modules have built in tamper inputs for enclosure protection
Up to 252 definable user codes for system user login/logout option
Onboard 12VDC 5 Amp auxiliary
power output
Complete metrics tracking, event database, improves performance and reduces costs.
12 or 24 hour clock display
Dual CeLAN ports, supports up to 100
User and installer help menus
Auto daylights savings option
6000 event buffer with time and date
Dual redundant fiber configuration
Field upgradeable software
Microprocessor based vs. older style
PLC control
Each input capable of reporting
the following:
Open circuit
Short circuit
Ground fault
Print all system VBS events or
selectable via programming
Real time system battery voltage
and current readings
Supports up to 3 back-up batteries
(54 Ahr) supervised and charged
Remote power supply option fully
supervised AES Encrypted 5A @
Power Requirements: 24 VAC nominal (16.0 VAC minimum, 35 VAC maximum), Rated output current is only available at 24 VAC or above. Limited output current is available at
16.0 VAC minimum. Operating below 24 VAC Nominal is
intended for short term emergency operation only.
Output Power: 10-14 VDC @ 5A Max, 2.5A Standby
Inputs: Eight supervised, hardwired zones, 3.0 K ohm for security devices and enclosure tamper
Outputs: Two, panel programmable outputs with "Form C"
relay contacts (COMMON, N/C, N/O). Relay contacts rated
10A @ 24 VDC, 10A@24VAC, 10A@40VAC maximum.
Maximum battery charging (standby): 1.5 A
Operating Temperature: 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C), up to
140° F (60° C) under temporary conditions
CINCH Stick Port: One (1) - 128 Bit AES Encrypted, CINCH
Maximum Humidity: 90% relative humidity
100 CeLAN Devices
Control Panel
RCU-VBS Rampart Panel
Touch Screen
Ce-TS -VBS 5.7” Color Touch
Manual Barrier Control
Ce-MBC Button Converter
Ce-MGC Gate Control converter
Ce-RCP-SB Remote Barrier
Controller Converter
CeLAN Accessories
CO-CSU Cinch Stick
CO-PS2KI Keyboard Module
Ce-EX Expansion Module
ACC-CFC-S Fiber Cable
L-S Standard Panel Lock
ACC-CFC-MM Fiber Cable
S-ET Panel Tamper
Communication Modules
Ce-FC-N Fiber Conversion
Ce-TCP/IP Network Module
Ce-FC-ER Fiber Conversion
Ce-T422 RS485 to 422 Converter
E-R Panel Enclosure
E-CP Plastic Enclosure
Expansion Modules
Ce-VBS-N Vehicle Barrier Module
5 Amp Remote Power
Nasatka Security- Powered by Cinch Systems
Nasatka Barrier, Inc.
7702-B Old Alexandria Ferry Road
Clinton MD 20735
For more information: www.cinchsystems.com
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