Evolution LC Megapixel Firewire Camera Kit

Evolution LC Megapixel Firewire Camera Kit
Evolution™ LC Megapixel Firewire Camera Kit
The Digital Alternative to Analog Video Microscopy
Evolution LC Digital Kits provide a cost-effective
solution for image capture, enhancement, and
reporting. These cameras offer high-resolution
megapixel capability with the convenience of
FireWire (IEEE 1394) to capture low latency video
streams and digital still images at four times the
resolution of video cameras.
Evolution LC Description
The Evolution LC monochrome and color cameras use
the FireWire (IEEE 1394) digital bus protocol to
streamline the capture, digitization and processing of
megapixel color video streams. These cameras are
designed to simplify real-time uncompressed video
streaming and digital still image acquisition while
maintaining uncompromising video and digital stillimage quality. One FireWire cable can manage power
distribution, PC-based control and real-time video
streaming capabilities of the attached camera.
Evolution LC Features
All-in-one megapixel FireWire C-mount
Stream uncompressed video or capture still
FireWire digital interface simplifies installation
and eliminates the need for framegrabbers
Flexible and full-featured CMOS image sensor
with high resolution 1.3 megapixel array (1280
× 1024 pixels)
Up to 14 fps at 1280 × 1024 resolution, 30 fps
at 640 × 480
Evolution LC Features (cont.)
FireWire cable carries video data, camera
commands and power— no additional cables
Image-Pro® driver controls for:
ƒ Gamma correction, signal gain,
exposure time
ƒ Imager subwindow size and position
ƒ Image flip and mirror
ƒ Choice of 8-bit or 10-bit data and data
Evolution LC Camera Specifications
CCD Type
Pixel Size
Full Well Capacity
Dark Current
Optical Interface
Image Color Depth
Frame Rate
Operating System
1280 x 1024
Kodak KAC-1310 CMOS
6.0 µm × 6.0 µm
40,000 e6250 e-/pixel/sec
8 or 10-bit
Up to 14 fps at 1280 × 1024 resolution, 30 fps at 640 × 480
IEEE 1394 FireWire
Windows® 2000 & XP
Works Seamlessly with Image-Pro
The Evolution MP kit comes with an Image-Pro family
driver that requires one of the following Image-Pro
family applications:
Image-Pro® Express
Perfect for basic imaging, ImagePro Express offers numerous
capture and enhancement options. Includes an easy
upgrade path to Image-Pro Discovery or Image-Pro
Experience a Fully Integrated Solution
Don’t risk valuable time and money by attempting to
use poorly integrated software and hardware
components. Evolution LC Digital Kits provide
guaranteed compatibility from one source, at a price
that is easy on your budget.
Our Worldwide Dealer Network is There
to Assist You. For a Dealer In Your Area,
Contact us Today!
Image-Pro® Discovery
More advanced than Image-Pro
Express, Image-Pro Discovery
includes added measurement and analysis capabilities.
Includes an easy upgrade path to Image-Pro Plus.
Image-Pro® Plus
The ultimate imaging software
package. Image-Pro Plus
includes all of the functionality of Image-Pro Discovery
along with added analysis tools and the ability to write
customized macros.
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