LP600-15T™ Scales

LP600-15T™ Scales
LP600-15T ™ Scales
Portable Truck Weighing Solution for Overload Enforcement
Fast, Reliable and Cost-Effective Solution to Protect Roadways and Concentrate
Enforcement Almost Anywhere.
To protect roads from overload damage and safety hazards, portable scales allow enforcement capabilities to go to
locations not served by permanent weigh stations. Providing a weighing capacity of 30 tons per axle, this system
is designed for weighing heavy vehicles on unimproved surfaces. The LP600-15T™ system weighs axle-by-axle in
static mode, using just two scales, while extension levelers keep axle groups on a level plane, providing ±1%
The scales and CPU communicate via Intercomp’s RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology and are powered by
commercially available batteries for up to 200 hours. Systems consist of two 15 ton capacity scales and two pairs
of roll-up ramps with levelers. Systems can be transported in the trunk of a vehicle and set up by 1 or 2 people in
under fifteen minutes.
LP600-15T ™ Scales
Fully Integrated RFX ™ Wireless Weighing Technology
• Capacity of 30 Tons Per Axle
• Static Accuracy Meets NTEP/OIML Requirements
• Wireless & Wired Indicator Options
• Low-Profile Platform Height of Just 1.7” (43mm)
• Levelers Roll Up for Easy Transport
• Scales Operate on AA Size Alkaline Batteries up to 250 Hours
22” x 15” x 1.7” (559 x 381 x 43mm)
50lb (25kg)
30” x 15” x 1.7” (762 x 381 x 43mm)
60lb (29kg)
Compatible with These Intercomp Devices
Wireless Handheld
Weighing Indicator
Easily process weight
related data for
monitoring and
controlling loads in
a compact, handheld
PT20 ™ CPU
Provides the ability to
Manage any weighing
process weight related process, view scale data,
data and is self-enclosed customize layouts and
in a rugged, all-weather generate reports in one,
case for use in even the
easy-to-use program.
most remote locations.
(PC Not Included)
Worldwide: +1 763-476-2531
Toll Free:
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IntercompWeigh ™
iVehicleWeigh ™
Scale App
S400 ™ Display &
Wireless Printer
Input weight data into
an iPhone®, iPod® or
iPad® to save and email
information easily and
Available for download
FREE from iTunes®.
Offers wireless
communication with
scales via RS232 or
Ethernet Connection
through the RFX™ Data
Specifications subject to change without notice.
ISO 9001:2008
Printed in the U.S.A.
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