CM608 built-in loudspeaker

CM608 built-in loudspeaker
CM608 built-in loudspeaker
The Apart CM608 is a 2-way 8 ohm built-in ceiling loudspeaker. The loudspeaker has a 6 ½”
woofer and a 1” coaxial tweeter. CM608 is the perfect choice for the distribution of microphone
calls and background music. The mounting frame is made of high quality ABS. The grille is made
of aluminium. CM608 is available in black and white.
Safety precaution
Keep this manual for future reference.
When cutting the mounting hole for the speaker, make sure there is sufficient clearance behind the
panel (no obstructions like A/C channels, power lines etc).
Take care of your speaker wires, they should be free of damage. Damaged speaker wires might result in
poor sound quality and can damage amplifiers.
Only use accessories specified by the manufacturer
Make sure the mounting panel can support the speakers weight.
Use sufficient amount of speakers to avoid dead spots.
No mains power shall be connected to the loudspeakers, doing so will damage the speaker.
This apparatus should only be serviced by qualified personnel. If not warranty might be void.
Use cable of the right gauge, certainly for long runs.
Use cables with clear color indication and maintain polarity throughout the whole system.
Avoid loud feedback from microphones, this can damage your speaker.
Please check the units condition after unpacking. If the outside of the carton box has been damaged,
inform your shipper immediately.
Warranty info
Warranty claims and claims for hidden defects can
be considered only if the defects appear within the
warranty period of 24 months and are notified within
8 days following their appearance per registered letter.
The warranty is not valid in case of an incident, wear,
for moving parts, power surges, inadequate packing
or shipping, improper use or storage and the disregard
of recommendations of Audioprof. The warranty only
concerns the spare parts and not the involved labor,
transportation or any other costs. The product must
be returned in the original packaging with the proof
of purchase by an Audioprof authorized reseller.
The general terms and conditions can be found here:
Mounting the loudspeaker
The loudspeaker is easy to install, due to its simple mounting system.
(1) Use the cutout template to mark the mounting hole.
(2) When making the hole in your mounting panel, double check if there are no cables
or any other obstructions behind the mounting panel. Cutting the mounting panel
without this check might result in damaged infrastructure or power lines. Please make
sure that the mounting structure is capable of safely supporting the speaker’s weight.
(3) R
emove the speaker grille: turn the mounting clamps (dog-ears) outwards and push
them in the direction of the grille until it pops out. Remove the grille.
(4) Turn the dog-ears inwards again and tighten the dog-ear screws slightly to make them
stay in the inward position.
(5) Connect the speaker wires and insert the speaker in the precut speaker opening.
(6) Fasten the dog-ear screws carefully until the speaker sits safely in place. Do not
overtighten the dog-ear screws!
(7) Carefully push the grille back in place.
outside diameter
205 mm
SPL 1W/1m
92 dB
75 mm
max SPL 1m
104 dB
186 mm
frequency response
60 - 20K Hz
loudspeaker system
main construction material
ABS plastic
woofer size
6,5 inch
grille main material
woofer cone material
IP rating
tweeter size
1 inch
applicable low impedance
mounting system
3 screws
applicable in 100V
8 ohms
Vertical dispersion angle 1000 Hz
low impedance dynamic power
60 watts
Horizontal dispersion angle 1000 Hz
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